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Blood Relations: A Prezi on our play.


Alyssa Ram

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Blood Relations: A Prezi on our play.

Blood Relations Direction Blood Relations: Summary Alyssa Ramuscak THEMES Design Casting Choices Mood and Feel By Josh Women in Society A Series of Very Unfortunate Events A Not So Happy Family Beginning Climax The Threat The Truth Rising Actions "Lizzie Borden took an axe gave her mother forty whacks..." Mrs. Borden's
Death "...When the job was nicely done she gave her father forty one..." Mr. Borden's
Death "You did it." End Key Characters LIZZIE BORDEN DR. PATRICK EMMA BORDEN BRIDGET MRS. BORDEN MR. BORDEN "Miss Lizzie" (Lizzie Borden) Actress: Lizzie Borden -Miss Lizzie's friend and implied lover

-an actress who is playing the role of Lizzie Borden; very passionate about her job

-gets angry when things don't go her way

-slowly turns into Miss Lizzie as the play progresses -Lizzie Andrew Borden; 32 year old woman

-accused killer; actress's friend and implied lover

-has an unhealthy relationship with her father and stepmother

-outspoken woman (not your normal 1800-1900 woman)

-in the 'flashbacks' Miss Lizzie plays Bridget, the Borden's Irish maid By Andrew N., Alyssa R., Josh R., and Sabrina W. -a 40 year old Irish man who is married

-the neighborhood doctor who does house calls

-friend and supposed lover of Lizzie Borden

-Dr. Patrick is an intelligent man who cares a lot about Lizzie, but does not support her insane morals

-a likeable character who makes Lizzie happy (Lizzie seems to respect and enjoy Dr. Patrick's company and wishes to run away with him to Boston) -a single 40 year old woman

-Lizzie Borden's older sister

-timid, easily irritated, and the Borden's 'perfect daughter'

-she wants the best for Lizzie but does not put in the effort to help her

-fears Lizzie - played by Miss Lizzie

-in her early 20s

-an immigrated Irish maid who works for the Bordens

-assists the Actress in her role by giving her guidance and insight -married to Andrew Borden (is his second wife)

-has an unhealthy and strained relationship with Lizzie

-known as the 'evil step mother'

-Lizzie hates Mrs. Borden as she wants her husband to sign over the estate to her rather than Lizzie -in his 60s-70s

-father of Emma and Lizzie Borden

-married to Abigail Borden (second wife)

-a rich man

-torn between his wife's wishes and Lizzie's

-often frustrated that his daughter, Lizzie, as she is not what he desires in a daughter

-fears Lizzie Setting In the beginning:

-introduced to the Actress and Lizzie Borden
-the Actress is learning the parts of Lizzie Borden

-flash back to 1892 at the trials of the Lizzie Borden case
-flashback again to the day of the murder, the Actress now plays Lizzie as Lizzie Borden plays the Borden's maid Bridget Sullivan (Maggie) -Lizzie overhears a conversation between her father and Harry (Mrs. Borden's brother)
-Harry is connived and only out to get Mr. Borden's money and their family farm

-there is much tension in this scene as Lizzie and Mrs. Borden argue, and Lizzie and Mr. Borden discuss marriage
-Lizzie is caught by Harry flirting with Dr. Patrick (married man)
-Mrs. Borden and Harry gang up on Mr. Borden claiming he needs to control his daughter; Mr. Borden agrees to talk to her

-flashback to Lizzie in the courtroom; Lizzie discusses how she felt she was never a good enough girl

-the scene switches back to Lizzie and Mr. Borden's having a conversation about marriage; the conversation gets heated and Mr. Borden slaps Lizzie
-Mrs. Borden reminds Lizzie she can't expect to live off of Mr. Borden's estate when he dies -Lizzie overhears Mr. Borden and Harry's conversation and Harry's plan to have Mr. Borden put the farm in Mrs. Borden's name when he dies

-Lizzie confronts Mr. Borden about the conversation

-Mr. Borden, argued by Lizzie's constant questions and takes it out on Lizzie's beloved pigeons (that she kept as pets) -Emma tells Lizzie she is going to visit some friends who live out of town; Lizzie doesn't want her sister to leave

-Scene switches to court room where the Defense asks Lizzie what happened that day; she claims she went out, ate some pears, found her father dead, and called for Bridget

-Scene switches back to Lizzie begging Mr. Borden to not sign the papers for Harry; Mr. Borden does not listen and goes into town
-Lizzie and Dr. Patrick examining her dead birds; she asks him questions about life and death; Lizzie gets angered over the conversation about Mrs. Borden and Dr. Patrick leaves

-Lizzie threats Mrs. Borden about killing her; Mrs. Borden tries to escape but Lizzie doesn't let her; Lizzie kills her -Bridget discovers the bloody hatchet in a pile of laundry; Lizzie threats Bridget and tells her she must help her 'clean up'
-Mr. Borden comes home earlier than usually; Lizzie tells Bridget to go upstairs and rest
-Lizzie tells her father to rest and that she'll undo his shoes; she claims that she doesn't want her father to hate her and he assures her that he doesn't
-Lizzie finds the finger on Mr. Borden's finger and discusses it with him
-she then leaves Mr. Borden to sleep, however kills him with the same hatchet she killed her step mother with -the scene fades to the famous "Lizzie Borden" Song
-the scene then resumes in 1902 with Emma, Lizzie and the Actress
-the Actress then asks for the last time if Lizzie did it, but instead Lizzie points at her and says she did it Video Clip: The Real Lizzie Borden -beginning: takes place in 1902

-middle and end: takes place in 1892, on the day Mr. and Mrs. Borden were murder

-Falls River, Massachusetts

-in the Borden's household (kitchen, and living room -the story takes place in 1892, which is 28 years before women were granted the right to vote Different Moods, so two important things: Lighting and Sound.
Darker Lighting
Blue Filter on Camera
Creepy Music (Dun Dun) -Lizzie is what would have been referred to as a "spinster", being over 30 years old and living at home -her father tries to marry her off to Johnny MacLeod, which she is firmly against -Mrs Borden's role in the play also greatly reflects that of a woman's at that time (ie: entertaining company, working around the house, etc) Feel:
Dark feel
A lot of tense moments, low in comedy
Death occurs, never a good thing -when Lizzie denies MacLeod, it is because she's afraid of a similar life -the best display of this however is when Mr Borden gives the family farm to Harry (her step-uncle) -both Emma and Bridget also live very quiet, respectful lives -sexual and romantic relationships between women was also a unexplored and taboo subject at the time this play takes place -although it is never truly confirmed the relationship between The Actress and Miss Lizzie is often seen as being romantic -although both LGBT women and men were persecuted at this time in history, the suggested homophobia present in this play only ever deals with women, and specifically Lizzie by Sabrina White Minor Themes The Truth Playwright Key Life Events Review and how Her Life Impacts Her Work Accomplishments Born in Fredericton
Traveled through U.S
Caught skipping school
Eloise’s Death
Married Ross
First time directing
Attempted Murder
First Play
Blood Relations
Garry Theatre Thank you for watching! Awards for achievements Honorary Degrees Awards for plays Sharon Pollick Murder and violence Richard Ouzounian. "A taste of her own medicine JUST THE FACTS :Sharon Pollock injected tragic family history in acclaimed play Doc, revived by Soulpepper. " Toronto Star 19 Aug. 2010,Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies, ProQuest. Web. 17 Sep. 2010.
http://journals.hil.unb.ca/index.php/tric/article/view/7449/8508http://canadian-writers.athabascau.ca/english/writers/spollock/spollock.php Darkness Family issues Gender equality Great Canadian author Sensitive Generous Talented Inspiration Review Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lizzie_Borden http://www.enotes.com/blood-relations http://www.encyclopedia.com/article-1G2-2692800013/blood-relations.html http://literatureworms.blogspot.ca/2012/07/blood-relations-by-sharon-pollock.html http://www.bookrags.com/studyguide-bloodrelations/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Relations_(play) Moods:
Melancholy Mr Borden - Phillip Seymour Hoffman Mrs. Borden - Sally Fields Emma - Eva Green Actress/Lizzie - Rooney Mara Lizzie/Bridget - Jacki Weaver Dr. Patrick - John Malkovich Harry - Cillian Murphy -The Actress constantly asks Miss Lizzie, "did you do it Lizzie, did you do it?" -through the entire story the only person that The Actress [playing Lizzie] is honest to is Bridget [Miss Lizzie] -this is seen in the final scene when Bridget asks "What have you done?" and Lizzie never denies that she did what she did -Lizzie is also very unforgiving about her behavior. She doesn't apologize for being outspoken, and for asking for things BETRAYAL!! -Lizzie feels betrayed by her father when Mr Borden sets the farm to Mrs Borden instead of her in his will -she speaks out on this, getting angry at him for this -he then kills the birds she loved and cared for. This betrayal eventually leads to her betraying him in turn by murdering him -all of the information and evidence produced in the court cannot be looked at as real or even truthful - as it is seen through, and told through the eyes of Lizzie WORKS CITED http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Relations_(play)
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