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Traveling in Korea L3 3A

No description

Atinart Koonkongsatian

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Traveling in Korea L3 3A

Traveling in Korea http://vimeo.com/18114813 Activity:
Write down on a piece of paper
A place you would like to visit in Korea.
Then, write down:
How far is the place from Daegu? (If you don't know, guess!)
How to get there
How long it will take to get there.
For Ex:
I would like to visit Jeju.
Jeju is about 390 km from Jeju.
I will take the plane. It'll take about one hour. Today's Key Phrases
How far is it from ____ to ____.
How far is it from Daegu to Busan?

It's about 90 km. How long will it take to get to Busan by KTX?
It'll take about 45 minutes. It's = It + is
It'll = It + will How far is it from Daegu to Jeju? How far is it from Daegu to Gwangju? How far is it from Daegu to Seoul? How far is it from Daegu to San Francisco? How far is it from Daegu to London? It's about 390 km It's about 200 km. It's about 310 kms. It's about 9130 kilometers. It's about 9118 kilometers How long will it take to drive from Masan to Jinhae? It'll take about 30 minutes. How long will it take to finish the homework Teacher Ati gives you? It'll take about 3 days. How long will it take to eat lunch? It'll take about 50 minutes. half an hour = 30 minutes quarter past 5 = 5:15 quarter till 5 = 4:45 Very quick Time review... ___ till 5 = 4:50 ___ till 5 = 4:40 Listening Warm-Up Man vs. Wild Listening Activity
Listen to the dialogue, fill in the blanks on your worksheet In the rainy season, there is food about, if you know where to look.
Dedicasia tree, what the locals will always do with this,
is come up, put their ear to it, and listen for larvaes inside.

Here you go, that’s what I mean.

That’s a rhino beetle larvae there… You can just eat them, even raw!
When they’re cooked, they’re a bush delicacy, and at this time of year – there’s plenty of them here!
No wonder they fry them.
Ready for this?
Oh my goodness!
This one has been living in there a very, very long time.
I’m not going to eat, I’m not going to need to eat for a week after this.
Pound for pound, insects like these contain more protein than beef or fish, they’re perfect survival food.
This is actually rank. That is one of the worst things I have ever, ever eaten!
And it tastes,
It’s like if all your friends get all their bogies together and squeeze them inside a sausage and then you put that in your mouth. Mad.
Textbook time
Pg.42 A,B Man vs. Wild
TV Show in the United States
Man named Bear Grylls shows you how to survive in different areas of the world. English Slang of the Day Pwned Definition:
To be dominated completely and totally.
Did you see the basketball game? We won by 50 pts. We pwned them.
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