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Little Dresses For Africa

No description

Sky Lanham

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Little Dresses For Africa

Little Dresses For Africa During my speech I talked about a non-profit organization that provides a huge relief to the children of Africa. Just simple dresses made out of pillowcases have been distributed throught orphanages all across Africa. There is probally a lot of projects that you are thinking about voting for. BUT YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN LITTLE GIRLS LIVES ALL ACROSS AFRICA!!!! This organization is called Little Dresses For Africa If this project wins, the whole school and community can become involved. Every single student at East Oldham Middle School could make a difference in a little girl’s life that was mistreated, left behind, sexually abused and orphaned all because of the deadly disease called AIDS. They are now living in poor orphanages and have no family or any clean clothes. How could we make a difference half way across the world? Some of the things we could do as a school and community to raise money dresses for "Little Dresses For Africa" is by: Holding "Pillow case Drives" where our school collects pillowcases they will be sent off to be transformed into needed dresses.
Along with the pillowcase drives at our school, we could have it where if you bring in a dollar, you can either wear you PJ's or you can wear crazy hair for an additional dollar.
Design t-shirts similar to the 7th grade water project ones and sell them for just $10.00 and donate $5.00 to "Little Dresses For Africa" Just think; you could make a difference in a little girls life and change it forever just by purchasing a t-shirt. If that is not your thing you could donate a simple pillowcase. Dosen't everyone have a old or mismatched pillowcase that could be put to good use? If none of these things float your boat you could just donate a couple dollars. Or you could do all 3 if you wanted. So I have reminded you guys about "Little Dresses For Africa", how each and everyone of you could make a difference all the way across Africa. You are probally wondering how much this is going to cost. It will take about $150 to $200 to set up all the posters, and other things to educate our community about this cause. This money will go towards purchasing t-shirts, buying posters and other supplies needed and buying pillowcases. Some of you might be thinking what would we do with the money we raised. The answer is this will transfered to "Little Dresses For Africa" and will go towards educating the people more about AIDS and HIV and way to prevent it and stay more healthy. I hope you guys put a true thought into which project you would like to participate in as a school and I hope you choose this one because it makes a difference in other peoples lives. Africans arent just people we hear about in books and on the news, they are ACTUAL HUMANBEINGS and need help fast. By: Sky Lanham
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