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Modern VS Ancient Egypt

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Lucy Mercer

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Modern VS Ancient Egypt

Modern VS Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt led to what is today Modern Egypt. Though they are the same country and some similarities remain the same, but their differences have developed over time.
Ancient Egypt and Modern Egypt both had social classes with an absolute leader at the top, religious priests and farmers at the bottom. The absolute leader in Ancient Egypt was a Pharaoh, they were like a god and recognized themselves as one. The current leader is a president who is very similar, being an absolute ruler themselves they also can be recognized as a god in a way, because they make it seem as if they are flawless, much like a god.
Similarity #2. Absolute leader
Religion plays an important role in Modern Egypt, as well as in Ancient Egypt. Religion is used as a guideline for their government and is like rules for the people of Egypt. Religion in Ancient Egypt had gods that were very sacred for them, and they could never defy them in fear, that is why the leader never was defied, being recognized as a god themselves. Religion allowed the people of Ancient Egypt to be rather equal and women were respected, unlike Modern Egypt, in which is a bit different by discriminating women, but other than that, religion still hold a high priority.
Similarity #1. Religion
The Nile river was the most important thing for the Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians had lived where the water was, but now Modern Egyptians migrate and live where Oil is. Though it is similar in some ways, it is different because they are bringing back the religion and culture from Saudi Arabia that has the oil. Egypt had the water so they were isolated, and until Modern times their culture remained the same.
Difference #1. Water and Oil.
Similarity #3. Creativity
Ancient Egyptians have invented things that are still in use today, such as paper and the calender. Modern Egypt has invented things as well, such as Arabian national songs, the BarLev and a stronger cement able to withstand high heat and pressure. Modern Egypt has invented several things with their creativity, but in Modern times it has sadly been stifled by the government and forced to go to other countries.
Similarity #4. Government
Modern Egyptian government has a similar structure to Ancient Egypt. Both have an absolute leader,nepotism and both use[d] religion to enforce laws. The government systems would enforce laws using religion probably because the leaders would fear that they'd be overthrown. Both Modern and Ancient Egypt would force the people whom were threats out of the country. The nepotism allowed the government to become more corrupted though, even though people were hired through nepotism back then, it's become a bit more corrupted due to the corrupted leader. The governments are both very similar, even over time, though Modern Egypt still holds it's differences.
The culture of Modern Egypt has been change quite a lot from Ancient Egypt, being influenced by Saudi Arabian culture. This caused women to be treated poorly because in Saudi Arabian women aren't really respected. The culture also uses religion poorly to discriminate against people, though they did so just a little bit in Ancient Egypt, it is more commonly used now. The culture had been changed a lot due to cultural diffusion. Ancient Egypt didn't have cultural diffusion because it was isolated by deserts.
Difference #2. Culture
Difference #3. The People
Difference #4. Women
Egypt wasn't always limiting women's rights like they are in Modern Egypt. Modern Egypt, due to cultural diffusion from Saudi Arabia creating different ideas about women and making them wear clothing so that they would be covered so that only their eyes are shown because they are considered to be a temptation to men only. In Ancient Egypt women could wear whatever they wanted and they were respected far more than today. Women played a great role in society, and sometimes even rulers were women, as Cleopatra was, and she made Egypt a prosperous place.
The people of Egypt both now and back then, were always raised to be peaceful, because it's their nature. The long repression in Modern Egypt had also caused them to become full of cowardice, and they never would fight back to the government, which is now full of corruption and they were already to busy making a living. Egypt never use to be this way, because it use to be prosperous and full of smart intelligent people, but after having a corrupted government full of nepotism, and the creativity being stifle, Egypt has become worse than it's ever been. The "new" people of Modern Egypt have become determined and confident over time after wanting to make Egypt a better place.
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