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Glowing Water

How to make glowing water

Lukas Bornhoft

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Glowing Water

Our question is, what makes water glow? Question We think that the dye in the highlighter reacted with the water causing it to glow. Hypothesis Step 1 Our initial experiment had no
variables, and was controlled. Experiment We then took out the actual highlighter part of the highlighter We then had to cut the highlighter in half Step 3 Next we put the highlighter in the water Step 4 Mix Step 5 Put the water under a black light Step 6 The ultra violet light from our black light excites the phosphorus. The tonic water and the dye from highlighters contain phosphorus that turn UV light into visible light . That’s why the water glows in the dark when only a black light shines on it. So what happened? So what would happen if we
used tap water instead? First we took off the bottom of the highlighter Mateirials Diet tonic water
Tons of highlighters
Scisscors The Diet Tonic Water can sometimes be better than the tap water. Step 2 Glowing Water The water of the Future Created by Luke Bornhoft And Austin Hubbard Extra pictures So why did we do it? We thought that maybe glowing water could be used as a military aspect, or in fishing. These pictures are from when I changed the bulb in the lamp.
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