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project: my world, your world

A presentation about some students of the class 3GC2 from the Willem van Oranje College

FJ. Tromp

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of project: my world, your world

Hello students from Italy!
I am....
Javier Tromp
Benjamin van Leeuwen
me and my family

Hallo, people
My name is Jerom, I am from Holland like the other fellows. I am 14 years old. I have a brother,a mother and a father.
My family consists of:
My father
My mother
My sister
My brother
I play the piano since I was 9

these are my hobby's
I like board games like my friends.
This is one of the board games we play a lot.
The name of this board game is Kolonisten van Catan.
This is one of the games I like the most. It's called chess.
You can only play it with two people.
This game is called chinese chess it's chess but than on a chinese way. I learned it from a man who sold chinese foot. When we were buying chinese while we were talking about chess with the owner of the restaurant and he told later about chinese chess. I was five then. When I said that I wanted to learn it he said I was to young, he said that I could learn it when I was six. So a year later , when I was six, we went again to get chinese food and I remembered his promise. I learned this fantastic game from him. When we wasn't busy with his restaurant we used to play it every Friday.
And do Ballet since I was 6
I have bought a boat a couple weeks ago. I tested it already and it was great fun. The boat you see is not my boat, my boat is much smaller.
I grow also my own plants, it doesn't work out all the time so good, but I try. These aren't my plants, the mine look better I think.
I also make a lot of things, I have made my own catapult, bow, an ugly crossbow, and a birdhouse. The birdhouse on this place isn't mine. Mine is made for two bird and is bigger. From all the things I build,I like my bow the most. My bow shoots about 100 meters far.
Favorite Things
This is my biggest hobby, Judo. I have been playing it for the first time when I was six. I was second on the Dutch Championship with this last year. Judo is also the favorite hobby of my little brother. If you compare age with presentations, my brother is at the same level as me.
Things I like are:
I like samurais because I like their old fighting techniques, their strong weapons and their armor.
I like Aikido because the controlled moves you make and the less power you use to eliminate the enemy.
De Efteling
If you go to Holland you must see this, it's one of the biggest attraction parks in the world. Every atraction is realy cool. One of the things why the Efteling is different than other parks is that every attraction is connected with his own story.
dance, house, techno, etc.
Alternative Rock
and many more other genres
I like music very much
Genres I like are:
I'm 14 years old and live in Waalwijk, a
small city in the Netherlands
I like reading because
when I read I can let my imagination it's course.
The books you see here are two of my favorite books
This is a little film about Aikido.
There's much talking in it so
sometimes it's very boring. But
there are cool fighting scenes too.
This is one of the best attractions of the Efteling I think. This atraction goes very fast. It also has a story, a legend. The story is about a saint Joris who defeats a dragon. You can see the dragon on this picture, it's spit fire. If you are in this attraction it feels like you are saint Joris.
This attraction has loops and goes also very fast. It has his own fairy tail. It's about a woman who only wanted to marry with a prins. One night a prins asked her to go with him to his kingdom far from her village. When they arrived in the middle of the woods he turned in a snake a kept her in his kingdom as prisoner. The people in her village heard that from a bird and rescued her. If you go in this attraction it feels like you are the python which is worming in the woods on his highest speed.
This is the Vogel Roc, a roc is a gigant, gigant, gigant mythical creature. It is a bird. There are many stories about this Roc. Many cultures believes that this Roc actualy has existed in the past. The story of this attraction tells about a man who stole a egg of the Roc and the Roc chases him. This attraction is in a building, because of that it's so dark you see almost nothing but lighted birds. This attraction has also a lot of music, because of that it's even bigger fun. It feels like you are chased by the Roc.
This is the vliegend de holander, in English: the Flying Dutchman. If you go in there you will go in a sort of boat with weels, than you will be boating in the dark you go than down under a wall and than up, up ,up. On the highest point of the atraction you go out the house and go on the reals, on the and you will ride into the water. This attractions has his own sage, it's about a captain who was sailing out with his crew on the morning of Easter, that was against the bible. He and his crew sank with has boat because of a storm. After that he was doomed to sail forever as a ghost with his ghost crew on a ghost ship. He may go on land one time in ten years. This curse can be broken if a woman who loved the captain drowns herself voluntary. A woman did so was liberated. Now, he and the woman are rest in peace together. This attraction let you feel the imagination of boating on the high weaves of the ocean.
Father (44)
Mother (39)
Me (14)
Sister (11)
Sister (1)
My favorite leisure time activity.
Wijk en Aalburg.
I Don't need to be fan of anything.
Hell0 I am Yannick van Alebeek. I'm 14 years old and I live in Waalwijk.
my Family
My mother (47)
My father (45)
I (14)
My brother (12)
My sister (10)
My sister (8)
I also like to read. I think that's because you can let
your imagination it's own path.
I also like to angle, I like the rest you get of it and the idea to be bussy in nature.
You can see the sport akido on this picture, I can't do it but I am maybe going to learn it (if I don't get problems with my homework). I think akido is one of the finest sports in the world.
My hobbies are:
I live in a big family that consist
out of:
Swimming and scouting.
My favorite hobbies are swimming and scouting. With swimming you can feel you free in the water. I like scouting because it has a lot of different programs but my favorite program by scouting is making fire.
I like gaming because you can play a lot of different games and is very funny. My favorite game is world of tanks. Other fun games are minecraft and Super smash bros brawl.
Judo isn't my favorite sport but I like it. And judo can help you later because it is a selfdefense sport. I have the brown band.
This is not me, but I do the same job as him: bringing leaflets around in my block.
I got the assignment to tell about someone I am
fan of, someone I look up to. That's a bit hard if
I am no fan of anyone.
geocaching and fishing
I like both very much because you are in teh fresh air outside and it is very fun to do this things. but you must concentrate you by both and that can beifficult.
Where am i fan of?
I dont have any idol and but I am fan of Donald Duck.
typical dutch
ice skating
flood barrier

steriotypical dutch
*wooden shoos
*coffee shop
*the mill

Our school
I really like playing the piano because music is fantastic and I like making music.
I like doing ballet too. I like dancing and I think ballet is beautiful.
This is our school:
The Willem van Oranje college.
We all like our school very much because the other pupils and the teachers are very friendly. We learn much at school. School is very fun! (Although we sometimes don't want to go to school and be lazy at home)
We hope you enjoyed the prezi and maybe you know a little bit about our lives.
Made by: Benjamin van Leeuwen, Javier Tromp, Jerom van Wijnen en Yannick van Alebeek.
We are in the class
3GC2. The 3 stands for the 3rd grade, the G is for gymnasium, the C for Cambridge
and the 2 for the 2nd cambridge
class of the 3rd grade.
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