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Journey of One

No description

Ashton Eakes

on 12 February 2012

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Transcript of Journey of One

MyJourney of one Future Social Studies Teacher I decided to become a teacher in December of 2006 Ashton Eakes Reflection 1
Growing up dance was always a huge part of my life. I loved every minute of it. Dancing for sixteen years really impacted myself as a person and myself as a teacher. Through teaching dance I discovered that I wanted to be a teacher one day. In Decemeber of 2006 I started to apply to schools and had no clue what exactly I wanted to do. I started off as a business major but quickly realized that my passion was for teaching. Dance helped me figure out my passion. Dance is the reason why I plan on teaching for many years. At the start of this semester I was
not really sure how I was going to like
to like this ECI class. I was nervous about taking this class because it is my first teaching class I have had so far. I was nervous about the work load and also about the observations. Halfway through the semester I became quickly
annoyed. The observation postings were not posted in a timely manner and its extremely annoying. I would hope that when I am a teacher I will help my schools programs run smoother than this. It is extremely annoying that this is not handeled better. It is finally the end of the semester. I am
so glad that it is finally here. This semester in ECI 205 has been filled with lots of work, projects, and postings but I honestly think it has been a great class for me to take. Even though the Observations were a bit of a pain, I actually learned a lot from my teacher. I learned exactly how I want to run my classroom. I also learned that I will make every effort possible to make sure my students know that I care for them. I think that ECI 205 is a great first teaching class and I have learned a lot. For the past two years I have been a active
member of Student Wolfpack Club. I have
made many friends as well as fall in love with
basketball. This past year I decided that I wanted
to run for Student Wolfpack Club Board so I ran
got enough votes to get on. This is a huge
accomplishment for myself. Being on the SWPC
Board will help give me a lot of leadership
experience which I believe will help me with
leadership skills in the classroom as well as in
future goals of being on a school board. Observations with Mrs. Hayes
On my first day of observing I was extremely nervous. I didnt know if Mrs. Hayes would like me or if her students would like me. After spending 18 hours in her classroom I quickly realized that I formed not only a strong bond with Mrs. Hayes but also with her students. When I left on my last day her students came up and gave me a hug and told me they would miss me in their class. Mrs. Hayes sent me an email saying how much she enjoyed having me and hopes that I can work with her again. This experience ment alot to me. My Philosophy of Teaching
My main goal as a teacher is to keep gender bias out of the classroom.
Gender Bias is an extremely large problem that many people do not realize
we have. In doing research on this subject I found out that girls are put on a
higher platform in school than boys are. Boys get jealous of this behavior and
end up goofing off instead of paying attention. Boys do this for attention from
their teacher. I hope to implement this in my classroom by letting the students
know that gender bias will not be accepted. I plan on letting my students know
this on the first day. I believe that it is important for teachers to have passion for
their subject matter. I personally have such a huge passion for history. My favorite
class so far in college has been my North Carolina History class. That is what
helped me to decide that I wanted to teach 8th grade if I decide to stay in North
Carolina to teach. I found on in one of my other classes that I am considered a
Romantic teacher. This means that I will do any and everything possible to make
my students enjoy my class. I will have to romanticize my subject and make my
students falls in love with Social Studies. My ultimate goal in being a teacher is to
change the way students feel about Social Studies and the history of their country or
state. I want to open their eyes to History and hopefully change the perception
of it being "boring" or "uncool". I want to be known as the fun teacher. I believe that my paradigm has changed
a lot this semester. I was not very sure about
how I wanted to teach and what ways I could be
an effective teacher. After working with Mrs.
Hayes and observing in her classroom I realized that
I want to follow her teaching style. I want to get my
students excited about my subject as well as make sure
they are working to the best of their ability. I also want
be able to help any student with any question. I always
felt as though Mrs. Hayes knew everything. She is a
great teacher to follow and I appreaciate her help so much.
I have also realized that teaching is the right job for me this
semester. Even though there are not as many jobs out right
now because of the economy I believe that I will find my
dream job and be an awesome Social Studies Teacher. To Teach or Not to Teach? TEACH!!!!!!!!! Due Date: April 29, 2010
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