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Is too much handed out?

taylor daniel

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Homework

Homework *Stance I am against teachers handing out too much homework because it consumes too much of a student's at home time and family time. *Opposition Many think that there is too much homework that it becomes mindless work Many think that handing out extra homework will improve work ethic and overall grades Many think it consumes too much family time and can ruin a relationship with parents *Support for my stance Homework just makes a kid more tired for the next day at school Teachers hand it out just for enjoyment Students don't finish and stress about getting bad grades Homework becomes mindless/pointless work because kids would rather be using their own time doing something different I think extremely minimal amounts would be acceptable if they do more hands on work in the classroom Homeowrk adds to the frustration they already have to deal with in school. This could make them care less about school Too much homework can lead to bad behavior in the classroom because kids get mad at their teachers for handing out ridiculous amounts of work Ultimately, homework takes too much time from a kids life when they could be spending it with friends, family, or relaxation time
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