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France, Limousin, Limoges by VG

a presentation for the European Comenius project : Influence of the weather on natural and urban landscapes of different European regions. 2012-2014.

Comenius paysage de Maupassant

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of France, Limousin, Limoges by VG

there used to be But in 1789,
French people said
goodbye to the kings where people were usually called
Lemovices in the Roman times Louis XIV The so-called "Sun King" decided
that his kingdom would speak
one language :
French and he built Versailles with 4 seasons In a far far away country Une république depuis 1789
Just look :
Limoges - Almeria : 1534 km
Limoges - Konskie : 1990 km
Limoges - Pouzzoles : 1606 km
Limoges - Dragomiresti-Vale : 2571 km
Limoges - Loviisa : 2857 km
Limoges - Kilkis : 2429 km
Limoges - Konya : 3508 km
And less far away if you fly ! Kings Hugues Capet was the first and the winner is (today)

François Hollande there is a land called Limousin a mostly rural land full of trees and forests Spring In this not-so-far-away
République française, College for engineers Famous for their Basketball team CSP ex- European champions Fine china:
Porcelaine de Limoges and in Limousin, there is a town called
160 639 inhabitants, crossed by the river Vienne, and in the town of Limoges, there is a railway station Paris, Tour Eiffel Bretagne Paris, Champs- Elysées Champagne ! Calanque near Marseille Le Mont Blanc So, in a not so far away country called France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg Switzerland Italy Great Britain Spain Haute-Vienne Corrèze Creuse Collège Guy de Maupassant and near from the station,
there is a college parc Victor Thuillat, Limoges Ile de Vassivière Cour du temple, XVIIth century middle-aged and modern enamels And near Limoges station, there is a college date of birth : 1968 40 teachers 462 pupils, 25 nationalities Er... not so far away ! Ah. Ok . Thank you. Yes. Ok. Come on now ! and Welcome to République ! international festival of Francophony its university Musée Adrien Dubouché Musée des Beaux Arts
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