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graduation of my best life

No description

Alex HY

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of graduation of my best life

My Primary Years
My first teacher was Mrs Goudas.
My First Day
My first day was good because I met a lot new friends and I was really shy.
Year 1 - Mrs Huynh Banh.
Year 2 - Mrs Sheil.
Year 3 - Mrs Lipstine.
Year 4 - Mrs Leslie.
Year 5 - Mr Besley.
This year my teachers are Mrs Leslie and Mrs McCrimmon.

My Friends
Alex S , Mardi and Vitou.
My prep buddy's name is Miracle.
I like reading to him.
I had Mrs Sheil in year 2. It was really fun because we did a lot of ? it was gross but fun.
My Prep Buddy
This is me!
My School
My first school was Maralinga Primary School until in year 4 when we merged into Chandler Park Primary.
In Year 6
Welcome to High School.
The school I'm to going next year is St James College.
All My Friends Over The Years.
My Favourite Subject This Year

My favourite subject has to be Science because I did cool experiments.
The End!
I want to say bye, bye.
Funniest Moment
When my friend Alex Simic
was telling us the funniest story and it was really gross.
in year 2
In year 6 I was really tired of doing jobs, helping a lot people with other things and work as well.
Alex S, Victor, Marko, Richard, Cullen, Muhamed, Kenny Vo, Josh W, Josh U, Peter, Leo, Vitou, Chattra, Nathan Dang, Malcolm, Wahaaby, Tashi, Sean, Aliya, Justina, Jessica, Sarah, Asakir, Vy, Jack, Luci, Margaret, Katrina, Katherine, Mardi and Joseph.
Last year I went to Somers Camp.
It was a 9 day camp. It was fun.
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