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Generational Studies - AJS

No description

Fran Matera

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Generational Studies - AJS

Impact of Interactions
Traditionalists: Treat as mentors, coaches.
Communication Strategies
Traditionalists: 'Old-media' engagement, favor in-person contact for meetings. Conservative language.
Traditionalists and Baby Boomers
Both have a high company loyalty, are likely to stay at the same firm over the course of their career.
Generation X and Millennials
Both have low company loyalty - are more likely to change firms over the course of a career.
Generational Lines
Communication Strategies
All generations feel partial to work in order to fulfill basic needs
(i.e. - personal/familial security).
Need a balance between work/life.
Narmina Strishenets, Alex Stevenson, Tynymgul Eshieva
Both are motivated by time-off, value flexibility in the workplace.
All generations pivot due to events that alter history.
Access technology/media outlets in similar ways. More reliant on 'old' information.
Less adaptive to change
Baby Boomers: Team-building oriented, mix between authority and flexibility.
Gen X: Want a challenge, rapid interactions shortly before a deadline.
Millennials: Want to achieve - desire constant feedback
Millennials and Baby Boomers
Traditionalists and Gen X
Both are able to work well in groups, prefer teamwork.
Both prefer individual work and projects.
Want influence over rules
Baby Boomers: 'Traditional' forms of media.
Gen X: Prefer quick interactions/instructions for projects.
Millennials: More informal style.
All generations require different mediums of communication - it's important to appeal to individual needs dependent on age group.
While the style may be different, all groups require some level of feedback.
All communication is dependent on certain specific circumstances - tone should be dictated by superiors.
Good manners (eye-contact) matter to everyone.
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