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The Appropriation of Cultures

No description

axel Perez

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of The Appropriation of Cultures

Daniel is an African American man. After inheriting a large amount of money from his mother and aunt he left without the need of to work. Instead he gave his time from reading and his nights playing jazz at a local college bar. One night, while playing drunken college a group of guys came up shouting at him to play
(which is seen as a racist song), his next move shocked them and made them retreat from the bar.Daniel started to play it slowly. In the days that followed Daniel decided to buy a truck by searching from the ads. Arriving to pick it up the the owners were put off that he was black and felt extremely uncomfortable due to the confederate flag on the rear window. Daniel encounter with some racist white southerners after purchasing the truck, but as soon after the African American community had taken the confederate flag and completely changed the meaning of it. The flag disappeared from the capitol and other known places where it previously flew.
The importance of the flag
Daniel's blood is southern blood, he consider that the flag is a rebel flag. Therefore, the flag represents Daniel's tribe.
Story compares to real life
The comparison of this story to real life is each person should be proud from who they are and what they are.
The Appropriation of Cultures
Percival Everett
In tribalism everyone is separated from different group
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