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Welcome to 2046

No description

michelle murphy

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to 2046

Welcome to 2046

The way we learn in 2046 is completely different from how our grandparents learned.

Brick and mortar schools and colleges no longer function the way they did in 2016. Learning is completely mobile and untethered. On demand learning is available to all and the tech has become so affordable that everyone has access.
Watch this video illustrating Microsoft's vision of the future of learning.
We are completely immersed in technology. It has become so seamless and adaptable we don't even think about how much we rely on it.

And we take it entirely for granted.

Let's follow an adult learner through a typical day.
This is Jax. It may look like he's enjoying a simple robo-dog walk, when in fact he's listening to a lecture on quantum phsyics. He has nearly invisible implants in his ears that wirelessly relay audio information. He just received a promotion and needs to get up to speed with his new responsibilities.
This is Jax's pod. It's his living and work space. Most people now work remotely as a "physical presence" isn't necessary. Most of his client interactions are on a global scale, and he can interact with them in real time via a virtual doppelganger. He chooses what image he wants projected at any given time.
What the client sees
What Jax really looks like
A Day in the Life of Jax
This is a communal hydrolyft vehicle. Jax leases a portion of the vehicle with other members of his community. It has his profile loaded into its smart system so he can continue his studies while the vehicle takes him to his destination.
Supersonic travel can take Jax from his home to another continent in 2 hours.
Tonight Jax will fly to Dubai for a rare face to face meeting.

During his flight he can continue his studies, pairing his implanted smart device with the tech deck on the airship. He'll be back home by midnight.
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