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Richard Hamer

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of webuyanycar.com

Sticky Navigation
Improve user navigation experience and to better highlight key conversion-related items.
CRO - Cut out the clutter and focus navigation on content that maximises conversions.
Website Analysis

Change / Project

Discovery & Analysis
Design & Development

Rick Hamer
13th July 2016

The current state of play
How video can increase conversion
The future of video

The current state of play...
Increased use if video over recent years
Video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings (invodo)
84% of websites are using video for marketing (ReelSEO)
How video can increase converson...
Bring products to life - Customers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video (Kissmetrics)
Retail sites with video increase conversion by 30% (L2 Specialty Retail Report, 2010)
Retention - Videos under 1 minute receive 80% view retention, 2-3 minutes 60% and over 3 mins 50%.(Econsultancy)
Zappos - Up to a 30% increase in conversion
Visual Website Optimizer
The future of video...
Increased usage
Increased technology for easier production / reduce costs
Personalisation /Segmentation - Target key website demographic
The Stats...
Smashing Magazine - Study of 2 identical websites found that participants could navigate sticky menus 22 percent more quickly, and 100 percent of participants preferred sticky menu.
Awwwards - Fixed navigation bars can reduce browsing time by up to 22%
LloydsPharmacy - 70% customer feedback preferred the sticky nav
49% of UK consumer think personalisation is important (EConsultancy)
75% of consumers like it when brands personlise messaging and offers (mojn)
Encourages people to purchase more - MyBuys found that 52% of shoppers buy more when retailers use cross-channel personalisation.
2015 CRO Report only 22% of respondents were using it, but 56% were planning on using it soon. (Econsultancy)
Increases conversion
Improves customer retention
Targeted and useful marketing
Tailoring customer experiences across a website based on how they interact with a website (age, gender, demographic, geographical etc.)
Virgin Money AU
The Future of Personalisation...
Greater demand for personalisation tools
Increased capabilities of the tools
Increased use of 1:1 personalisation and cross-channel personalisation across web, email and apps
Multichannel - In store personalisation
Strengths of the current experience
Analysis of the Homepage (http://bqrtt9.axshare.com/#c=2)
Enhancements to the Homepage
Future general optimisation enhancements
How I would go about making changes

Responsive Design
webuyanycar.com is fully responsive for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices
Simple Process

The process from car valuation to arranging and appointment and selling your car is incredibly quick and easy to follow
Clear CTAs
The primary CTAs are very clear and easy to find.

I also like the use of animation. However, I would like to A/B test this
It provides a good customer experience when the previous car valuation is suggested upon returning to the site
Discovery & Analysis
Site Audit - Full walk through of all pages, elements and interaction points across the website (mobile and desktop)
Analytics - A comprehensive evaluation of all analytics across the site
Workshops - Meeting with Content, Marketing and Design teams to work through any known or potential issues.
Goals - What the key metrics are and what the company are trying to achieve (e.g. increased conversion, better customer experience, increased margins etc.)
Key changes highlighted
Prioritize based on time, resources, impact, risk
Road map creation
Thank you...
Any questions?
Design & Development
The development phase will be based on the timescales identified in the road map and broken down as follows:

Visual design
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