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Pitching our Idea: 2013 PSA

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Jasleen Daid

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Pitching our Idea: 2013 PSA

Pitching our Idea: 2013 PSA
Jackson Farough, Jasleen Daid, Josh Hidalgo, Mark Akladious & Simran Dhaliwal
Our Idea...
An embarrassing video was posted, by the victim's friend and now its gaining more and more views, the victim is humiliated, and it impacts the victims life and makes the victim feel like he/she can not trust anyone or fit in. (this is potentially cyber bullying) but then it rewinds to before the video was posted (how it could have been prevented if the friends had not posted it). The friends don't send the video and instead post a (nice) video of about their friendship along their years to show that they can all trust each other and prevent each other from doing something they will regret.
Its relatable...
*Many people have been through situations like this
*We can give a message to the audience and they can learn something that they can relate to

Why you should
choose our
& Why it's the
It evokes emotions...

*Since it's relatable, this message will evoke a powerful emotion which will give our PSA a stronger and more serious look

Focus of the PSA...

"Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships and Inclusion to prevent bullying"
How we will show "the prevention of the video being posted".
*We will have the friend say that the victim can trust them and include the victim to make a good video
*Devices (laptops, phones...)
*Blankets, pillows...
** We don't need costumes **
*Plan out everything
*Refer to the storyboard
*Manage our time wisely
*Film every shot for each setting
A perfect representation of
this years theme
- Our idea shows...

*Positive use of social media
*Inclusion (within school and
the community)
*Building & maintaining
healthy relationships
(within friends)
*Library - BACKUP... Classroom
(We will ask Miss Scarpone a week in advance)
*Hallway (upstairs or downstairs)
To sum it all up:
We think our idea should be chosen because it shows the main idea of how to prevent the abuse of social media and how use it in a positive way that our generation can relate to, and then showing a healthy relationship instead of a negative relationship.

"Home-looking" environment
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