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jackson graphics folio 8purple

No description

Jackson Tiddy

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of jackson graphics folio 8purple

Jackson's graphics folio (8 purple) Design Brief: Evaluation of my design project In the 3rd term of year 8 technology, we are doing graphics. Our goal is to make a logo and swing tag through illustrator and other graphic related software and to print the logo on fabric. Limitations: Time: 3 periods a week(1 double)
short time amount to complete the tasks
Experience: First time using most of the software can slow down my pace
Equipment: Limited equipment and options of software Design criteria for success List of logo names: Quing & Quang
J.T wear PMI sketches P: a basic, simple design
M: too similar to the normal picture. Needs more to it
I: The end bit added on to make the entire picture something else P: using a unique idea to create a letter
M: oddly shaped
I: the curves of the two figures P: Showing the title through the shapes of Ying and Yang
M: Actually miss spelled "Quang"
I: The way the pictures are making words. P: Simple original design using a mix of a question mark and ying
M: Doesn't really give off anything, needs to stand out
I: the black dots with the white question mark P: using the ying yang symbol mixed with question marks
M: doesn't include a title
I: the way the question marks link P: uses logo shape and name
M: oddly shaped
I: the size number on the end of the tag PMI SWING TAGS P: the white part of the design as the hole for the string
M: No company name
I: a very big bar code, size is in letters P: Stands out in by the question mark picture
M: could be too big
I: The placement of the size number on the tag. P: Shows almost all elements of a swing tag
M: no price, basic shape
I: The order of the elements on the tag P: good use of the shape for a swing tag
M: No company name
I: the punch hole place for the string A well designed graphic image
will attract customers to buy the product and send a message to their head about what this company is all about. elements to do so are: colour
image Logo Swing tag This design has reached my expectations of presentation and other such goals. I think it stands out because it doesn't have colour.
I already had the original idea of linking two question marks, which no one has ever done before in any logo I've seen. Then I added on the ying and yang to fill in a little bit of the insides of the shapes-and mixing it in more- I gave it the Title "Quing & Quang". I found it quite difficult to make the shape of a question mark on illustrator and I'd be behind if I added in any colour after I found the pair of circles and text very easy though. I luckily found this font for the text that looks very appropriate for the logo because of the holes in the circular Q
This graphic design meets all basic elements of a swing tag. I think there's too much space left around the top edges of the tag. It's also quite basic and blank because it's all in black and white. LOL string in punch hole string in punch hole string in hole string in punch hole string in punch hole LOGO PMI'S THE END
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