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Interpretadtion of Medical Record

No description

Tieimi Wright

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Interpretadtion of Medical Record

Interpretation of Medical Record By Tieimi Wright Avianne Louis
Briana Garcia Well- differentiated adenocarcinoma of the rectosigmoid colon with transmural invasion and negative mesenteric lymph nodes. She has a tumor or a type of cancer that can kill her if not treated properly because the tumor is malignant. Treatment We are going to administer general anesthesia. We carefully take out the malignant tumor by resection. We test her to see if there are any tumor cells. Luckily, it did not reach the lymph nodes. Results Realisation Sketches Knows and Needs to Knows Knows She is a 62 year old woman

Has Glaucoma by history

Well-differentiated adenocarcinma of the rectosigmoid colon with transmural invasion and negative mesenteric lymph nodes.

NO complications

Anterior resection of the rectosigmoid colon and incidental appendectomy

Addmited to the hopital afer she was found to have a large bulky rectosigmoid tumer

The tumor was documented by flexible sigmoid oscopy

Admitted to the hospital for bowel preparation and colon reception Continued from Knows... It was performed with primary anastomosis

She remained afebrile

Required pain medication

Electrodiogram done prior to surgery was found to be in normal limits. Needs to Knows What is a rectosigmoid

What is a flexible sigmoid oscopy

What is a colon reception

What is a primary anastomosis

what is afebrile

What is an anterior resection

What is adenocarcinoma

what is glaucoma Continued needs to knows... What is electrocardiogram

What is phosphatase

What is serum

What is albumin Brainstorm... Rectosigmoid- is near the sigmoid colon and the upper part of the rectum

Flexible sigmoidoscopy- is the visual examination of the lower third of the colon in search for polyps

Colon reception- consists of the surgical resection of any extent of the large intestine (colon).

Primary anastomosis- is the surgical joining between two hollow or tubular organs at the first operation

Afebrile- having no fever or medicine without fever.

Anterior resection- is the lower anterior resection, formally known as anterior resection of the rectum and anterior excision of the rectum

Adenocarcinoma- it is a malignant tumor originating in glandular tissue.

Glaucoma- Any of a group of eye diseases characterized by abnormally high intraocular fluid pressure, damaged optic disk, hardening of the eyeball, and partial to complete loss of vision

Electrodiogram- is a record or display of a person's heartbeat produced by electrocardiography

Phosphatase- is any of numerous enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of esters of phosphoric acid and are important in the absorption and metabolism of carbohydrates, nucleotides, and phospholipids and in the calcification of bone.

Serum- is the clear yellowish fluid obtained upon separating whole blood into its solid and liquid components after it has been allowed to clot. Also called blood serum.

Albumin- is a simple form of protein, soluble in water and coagulable by heat, such as that found in egg white, milk and blood serum
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