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Google Earth

No description

Usman Tahir

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Google Earth

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Prepared By:
Usman Tahir

Introduction To GOOGLE EARTH
Presentation Outline

What is Google Earth?

Satellite Imagery in Google Earth

Finding a Location

Editing Toolbar

Downloading an Image using Google Earth Pro
What Is Google Earth
A Virtual Globe (3D software model or representation of the Earth), Map and Geographical Information Program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D

Created by Keyhole Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) funded company acquired by Google in 2004 and made available to public in 2005

Maps the Earth by Images obtained from Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography and GIS 3D globe

Two Licenses available:
Google Earth - Free Version
Google Earth Pro - Paid Version
(US$ 399 annual subscription charges)
Satellite Imagery in Google Earth
Finding a Location
Three ways to find a place;
1. Fly To:
e.g. 34 00 15, 71 32 41.30 or
Peshawar, Pakistan
Editing Toolbar
Downloading an Image in Google Earth Pro
Go to the File menu and select Save Image option. A window will appear asking to select the required resolution

Select the highest resolution option to acquire better image

Give the location for saving the image, name the image and click Save
Map Viewer of Googe Earth Pro
Google Earth Pro Window
Built-in map layers (Boundaries, Roads, Places etc)
Layers / Places added by the user
Search Bar
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
3D Viewer
Location, Altitude & Streaming Bar
SPOT (Système Pour l’Observation de la Terre):
System for Earth Observation, a high resolution imaging satellite, initiated by CNES (Centre national d'études spatiales – the French space agency)
An Earth Observatory Satellite, launched by Orbital Imaging Corporation, an American commercial satellite imagery company
Previously known as Earth Resources Technology Satellite, controlled by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
Satellite Imagery in Google Earth (Cont.....)
For 3D Imagery, DEM of NASA's SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) is used

The base imagery is 30 m multispectral Landsat which is pansharpened with the 15 m [panchromatic] Landsat imagery. However, Google is actively replacing this base imagery with 2.5 m SPOT imagery.

Typical high resolutions:
Europe: 0.3 m, 0.15 m (e.g. Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg), 0.1 m Prague (Capital of Czech Republic)
U.S.: 1 m, 0.6 m, 0.3 m, 0.15 m (e.g. Cambridge and Google Campus, or Glendale)
Saving Edits in KML/KMZ
Default format of google earth to store data is KML and KMZ
Finding a Location
Find Businesses:
e.g. Monument: Burj al-Arab
Place : Dubai, UAE
Finding a Location
e.g. From: Dubai, UAE
To : Sharjah, UAE
Hide Side Bar
Add a Placemark
Add Polygon
Add Path
Add Image Overlay
Show Ruler
View in google maps
Switch b/w Sky and Earth
Why to use it?
Get directions using Google Earth, using variables such as street names, cities, and establishments
View areas subjected to widespread disasters if Google supplies up-to-date images
Download images of the areas for own purposes
Explore and place location bookmarks, add paths and polygons for the representation of ones destination
Calculate the area of a place or distance from one point to another
Add GPS points to view your visited sites
Editing Toolbar
KML - Keyhole Markup Language
KMZ - Keyhole Markup Zipped
To save smaller data, KML format works fine While
KMZ is preferred when storing larger amount of data as it is the compressed format to reduce the size of saved file
Why to use it?
Comparison (Google Earth vs Google Earth Pro)
Downsides to Google Earth
Map viewer of Google Earth Pro
Saving edits in KML/KMZ
Saving Edits in KML/KMZ
The digitized places are being added in the "My Places" section of the Places Panel

Right Click on the required layer and select Save

In the opened window, give the location where you want to save the file and click Save button

If a layer is deleted from the Places panel, it can easily be added again by selecting "Open" option from the "File" menu.
Adding Polygon
Adding Image Overlay
Using Ruler Tool
Adding Placemark
Adding Path
Downsides to Google Earth
New buildings may not be visible due to the old imagery

Spatial resolution is not same for all locations

Clouds may exist in images, hence reduce visibility

Needs high speed internet connection and graphics memory

Security issues for the visibility of Residential and Sensitive places (people love the idea of viewing the world on their computer but they don't love the idea of the world viewing them)
Downsides to Google Earth
Matter of National Security;
Officials in numerous countries have voiced concerns over the level of detail available in the Google Earth application, including Australia, Britain and the United States

The most vocal opponent of Google Earth by far is South Korea: South Korea is technically still at war with North Korea and is very upset that any North Korean can view South Korean military installations with the click of a button and a little zoom

An Incident: On November 26, 2008, more that 170 people were killed in terrorist attacks at several locations in south Mumbai. An alleged militant named Faheem Ahmed Ansari, who was arrested following the massacre, says he was shown Google Earth maps of the planned locations of each attack. Police in Mumbai have concluded, based on claims of the lone gunman captured after the incident, that the suspected terrorist group used Google’s software to learn the layout of the area and an Indian court is calling for its ban (Blakely, 2008)
Print images
Google Earth
Google Earth Pro
Screen Resolution only
Premium high resolution
Import GIS images
Manually Geo-locate
Automatically Geo-located
Import GIS data
Measure area of a polygon or circle
Create premium movies
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