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The seven deadly sins in the Odyssey

No description

Nora Wagner

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of The seven deadly sins in the Odyssey

Envy: Menelaus
Menelaus represents envy because he was jealous that Paris stole Helen so he went to war. The war caused many deaths and lots of destruction.
Lust: Kalypso
Kalypso represents lust because her lusting after Odysseus caused him to be severely delayed on his journey home which caused problems in Ithaka
Greed: The crew
Odysseus' crew represents envy because they were jealous of Odysseus receiving so many gifts so they opened the bag of winds which set them off coarse.
Wrath: Poseidon
Poseidon represents anger because he was quick tempered and caused many problems for Odysseus.
Thank you!
Pride: Antinoos
Sloth: The maids
The maids didn't want to do anything and were very lazy unless commanded to do something which eventually go them killed.
The seven deadly sins in the Odyssey
By: Nora Wagner and Ellen Hoagland
Gluttony: The suitors
The suitors specifically represent gluttony because they ate all of Odysseus' livestock and wine.
Antinoos represents pride because he thought he was better than Odysseus and he demonstrated this in front of Odysseus by perusing his wife and thinking that he could string the bow. Ultimately this is what got him killed first.
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