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Case Analysis: St. Lucien Academy

No description

Nicole Gascon

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Case Analysis: St. Lucien Academy

Case Analysis: Saint Lucien Academy
Group 2
Gascon, Ma. Nicole
Goda, Arriane Faye Camille
Mercado, Kathy Mae
Racacho, Raymond
Imperial, Marlon
Monday, April 11, 1998
- Bro. Zeld Sorenson at his office and he began to work.
Bro. Zeld Sorenson - the Rector and the Chief Administrative of Saint Lucien Academy
Approval of some salary loans which were in violation of the company rules and policies
The act of Mr. Fajardo in approving salary loan which is not acceptable is a violation of the school policy. This may lead to:

Suspension or Dismissal


Reprimand only and give him a second chance
A. Bro. Zeld Sorenson
A Belgian monk
Appointed by the superiors of his order to be the Rector Administrative Officer of Saint Lucien Academy
With wide experience in educational administration
Had been brought in from one of the order's schools in the US to replace the previous rector

A secondary school for boys
located in San Pablo City
Employed over 200 in both teaching and non- teaching position
All management position were held by Filipinos except with the chaplain and the other monk.
C. Gaston Fernandez
Chief Accountant of Bro. Zeld
Reviewed existing purchasing and salary loan policies
Would be responsible for all purchases up to P2,000
All faculty and staff were informed at the time of their employment about the conditions under which St. Lucien Academy advances salary loans.
1. Salary loans would be granted only in cases of bona fide emergencies.
2. Cumulative outstanding loans to an employee at no time could exceed one month's regular pay.
After 6 months the entry for Salary Loan Advances tripled.
D. Felipe Fajardo
Personnel Manager
Would take in charge of loans to all employees with a base salary of P8,000 or less
The policy of the school stated that salary loans would be granted only in cases of bona fide emergencies whereas Mr. Fajardo violated this policy. We have decided to recommend the second alternative course which is to terminate Mr. Fajardo. According to Max Weber managers should maintain impersonal relationship with employees and the management must follow its rules and regulation. Also in Henri Fayol's 14 Principles of management states that managers should be fair to staff all times, the interest of one should not be allowed to become more important than those of the group.
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