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The Bloody Bride of Thirteen Curves

No description

Nate Gorin

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of The Bloody Bride of Thirteen Curves

The Bloody Bride of Thirteen Curves By: Nate Gorin What is the Bloody Bride? She is an apparition of sorts that shows up when you drive along a certain road.
If you are just driving down the road at night people say that she will just appear. By: Nate Gorin What Happened? The tale says that one night when a newly married couple was driving on Cedervale road in New York their car veered off on one of the turns and killed both the bride and groom.
There are also many other tales told about what happened to create the ghost but they all are very similar to this legend. Why the Thirteen Curves? The legend has thirteen curves in its name because Cedervale road has thirteen curves all throughout it.
Some people believe that the coincidence of the bride's ghost and the thirteen curves actually has something to do with each other but nobody knows for sure. Who is The Bride? As I had said earlier the bride is the victim of a car crash although I am not certain what her actual name is. Where Does She Appear? She generally appears on the road in front of you on one of the curves
Although if you end up looking into your rearview mirror during the drive they say that you will see her. They do not say that there is a certain time when she appears
Although they say that she generally only appears when you go around either the curve where she was murdered or any of them. When Does She Appear? Why Does She Haunt the Road? She most likely haunts the road because she is either trying to warn travelers about the dangers of it or that she is trying to get a message of some kind across to the people she haunts.
Though this may be true there is no actual evidence for it. Is it Real? Now for the million dollar question: is the legend real?
There is no physical evidence (as there isn't with any of my presentations) to support the story although it is still up to you to decide whether it is real or not. References http://www.weirdus.com/states/new_york/road_less_traveled/bloody_bride_of_13_curves/index.php
http://resolveparanormal.org/haunts/13_curves_cedarvale_road The End
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