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Android Application Proposal

No description

Abhishek Swain

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Android Application Proposal

The Dialstreet App will be focused on the most important components of the webapp.. We have identifies some core features that we project Dialstreet mobile users will want on the run :

Analytics- employers will be presented with information about the call volume and caller location in lucid graphical form.
Call Records- a simple list of the clients who have dialed the company’s Dialstreet number. This will also include an option to download any voicemail a customer may have left
Lead Management- It will be critical for employers to follow up with important clients. The lead management feature in the mobile app will allow employers to monitor future appointments on the go

We propose to build the Dialstreet Mobile Application on the Android OS. There are a number of advantages to using Google’s mobile OS platform over competitors such as Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows 8 (Mobile) :
Android is the most popular mobile operating system in India. It is thus not unreasonable to project that many of Dialstreet’s projected clients will be using Android devices.
The majority of Android application development will be done using the very accessible Java and XML languages.
Apple’s iOS requires archaic knowledge of Objective C. Furthermore, Mac-exclusive Xcode is required to develop iOS applications, which means all programmers assigned to the project would need to be given Apple’s expensive Macintosh line of computers.
Apple and Microsoft heavily police and verify submissions to their app stores. With Google, programmers are given a creative freedom to develop without worrying about infringing obscure corporate policy.

In the exploding mobile technology sector, a mobile presence is necessary for any application.

The advantages of a mobile application include:

Accessibility- a mobile app can be launched on the go, in the palm of your hand.

Simplicity- sometimes a user does not need to access all the features of a complex web application like Dialstreet. In a simplistic mobile form, only the most significant features are displayed with lucidity.




Proposal for Dialstreet App on Android


About Dialstreet
Log Out

Dialstreet is targeted towards small and medium business enterprises. App users will want to know exactly which clients have been calling and whether there are any leads to follow. The analytics will provide a lucid pictorial representation of a growing call volume and business.
We project that the app will be most used by :

Owners of the business
Mid-level Management
Marketing Managers

Proposed App Flow
Who will use the app ?
Why a Mobile Application ?
Why Android ?
To keep pace with the rapid growth of mobile technology,
we believe Dialstreet would benefit greatly from having a mobile application.
Thank you.
About Dialstreet screen
Lead Management
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