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The future with ASIMO

how would the life with a robot in home!

Grey Mercado

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The future with ASIMO

Background photo by t.shigesa Honda updated ASIMO's intelligence technologies, enabling multiple ASIMO robots to work together in coordination. what is ASIMO? ASIMO: is a humanoid robot created by Honda. The future with ASIMO Differing from its predecessors, ASIMO was the first to incorporate predicted movement control,
allowing for increased joint flexibility and a smoother, more human-like walking motion. Introduced in 2000, which is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, was created to be a helper to people. Asimo Robot Evolution At 130 cm (4 feet, 3 inches) tall and 54 kg (119 lbs), ASIMO was designed to operate in real-world environments,
with the ability to walk or run on two feet at speeds up to 6 kilometres per hour (3.7 mph).
ASIMO demonstrated tasks such as kicking a football, running and walking up and down a set of stairs We believe that in the future each home will have an ASIMO robot to do the house chores
In honor of ASIMO's 10th anniversary in November 2010, Honda developed an application for the iPhone and Android smartphones called "Run with ASIMO.
Users learn about the development of ASIMO by virtually walking the robot through the steps of a race and then sharing their lap times on Twitter and Facebook. END... ASIMO Humanoid Robot
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