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Presentation on "CHAT APPLICATION"

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Rishabh Sood

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Presentation on "CHAT APPLICATION"

Parts of the Rationale
-->Clients specialize in user interface
-->Server specailize in managing data and application logic
-->Many clients can be supported by few servers
-->Often data and logic are shared among applications and users.
-->Asymmetric relationship
-->Client predominantly makes request, server makes replies
-->Symmetric relationship
Presentation on "CHAT APPLICATION"

Client-Server Models
Java Socket Programming
Java Socket programming is used for communication between the applications running on different JRE.

Java Socket programming can be connection-oriented or connection-less.
The client in socket programming must know two information:
IP Address of Server, and
Port number.
Socket class
A socket is simply an endpoint for communications between the machines. The Socket class can be used to create a socket.
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Future Scope
File Transfer
Video Chat
Voice Call
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