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Introduction to Community/Public Health Nursing

No description

Tara Stephen

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Community/Public Health Nursing

Introduction to Community/Public Health Nursing

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What is Community/Public
Health Nursing?

Public Health Nursing (PHN) as a Field of Practice.
PHN is a specialty because it has a distinct focus and scope of practice and requires a a specific knowledge base.

Population Level Decision Making is different
Community Health Nursing...
Title applies to all nurses practicing in the community.
Public Health Nursing Practice is the synthesis of nursing theory and public health theory applied to promoting and preserving the health of populations.
The focus of practice is the community as a whole and the effect of the community's health status (resources) on the health of individuals, families, & groups.
PHN Practice
Education Preparation for PHN
BSN is the entry level to PHN practice
California BRN requires certification
BSN lecture & practicum hours
7 hours of Child abuse training.
Master's level and beyond for specialist PHN.
PHN is population focused & community oriented, with a focus on health, prevention, & interventions at the community & population levels
In 1981 the Public Health Nursing Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA) put forth a statement defining PHN that clearly defines it as a field of specialization.
In 1999 the Quad Council published the scope & Standards of Public health Nursing Practice.
Population vs. Individual focused practice
Concerned with populations and/or more than one subpopulation.
Public Health Nursing vs. Community Based Nursing
PHN: Community-oriented-population focused strategies

CBN: Combination of population-focused & direct care clinical strategies.

PHN Roles
Public Health Nursing Administrators

PHN Staff Nurses
Curriculum plan to enhance community oriented focus
Populations or Aggregate
Have one or more personal or environmental characteristics in common.
Can be defined in terms of geography or special interest.
The World Health Organization
Core concepts underlying
community health nursing
1.1 Trends in health-care delivery: the move towards the community

1.2 Care demands leading to the development of cost-effective, high-quality and innovative systems of community health care that are accessible to all citizens (Nuntaboot 2006)

1.3 Key actors in the community health-care

Scope & Standards of Practice for Public Health Nurses:
Sixteen standards of care
See text App. G.3
2nd edition published 8/26/13
American Nurses Association
The Quad Council
The Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations provides leadership, voice and visibility for public health nurses through setting a national policy agenda on issues related to public health nursing.
PHN is concerned with the health of all members of the population/community, particularly the vulnerable populations.
Key Role of Public Health Practice-Core Functions
systematic data collection and monitoring of population's health status
Policy Development :
Provide leadership and apply scientific knowledge to develop policies
Ensuring essential community health services are available and competent public health workforce is available.
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