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The court of Elizabeth I

No description

Annalisa Mengoli

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of The court of Elizabeth I

in the film "Elizabeth the first" all her lovers were represented by Robert Dudley
Male Courtiers
Elisabeth was surrended by lot of male courtiers and she loved it. The Queen wanted to be courted in the courtly love tradition so she expected much of them. They had to be graceful in manners and discourse, well educated in classical literature, history, geography and languages. At last she wanted them to be athletic and witty, because the favour Elizabeth could have been conquisted by music and dances.
Elisabeth was a very cultured woman, she could speak fluently latin and greek and also she used to translate lots of classical authors' workers. In the end she was an avid reader, that is why the palaces housed a great library.
Political adviser
Elizabeth's best councillors were William Cecil and Francis Walsingham, they were religious and incredible hard workers.
Her relationship with them wasn't tinged with romanticism.
Elizabeth loved very much dance, for this reason after dinner in the Presence Chamber were provided entertainment such as play, ball, music concert and masque.
Royal Palace
The royal palaces of the Queen compared to the medieval ones were very luxurious. Rooms were provided with large and decorated fireplaces and the walls were covered with oak pannels. High windows let in the sunlight and ceilings were decoreted with plaster.
Symbolic images
Elizabeth I wanted to present herself as the Virgin Queen and in order to get this she started using various symbolic images.
phoenix -------> virginity and uniqueness
pelican --------> devotion to the people
olive branch --> peace and constancy
Many of this symbols were written into a bestiary which was associated with the Queen
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