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Pet Sematary- Narrative Frame

No description

Olivia Kuziel

on 27 February 2011

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Transcript of Pet Sematary- Narrative Frame

Pet Sematary- Narrative Frame Louis Creed Cast: Father to Ellie Creed
and Gage Creed. Husband
to Rachel Creed. Very loving,
but can act very foolishly at
times. A physician. Rachel Creed Mother to Ellie and Gage Creed.
Wife to Louis Creed. Hates the
concept of death because of her
sister Zelda dying at a young age. Ellie Creed Five-year-old daughter
of Rachel and Louis Creed. Sister of Gage.
Very attached to her pet
cat Church. Sweet. Gage Creed Son of Rachel and Louis Creed.
Brother of Ellie Creed. A toddler. Jud Crandall Wife of Norma Crandall.
Elderly neighbor of the
Creeds. Knows all the secrets
of Ludlow. Winston Churchill (Church) The Creed's pet cat. Zelda Setting: Places Ludlow (town) Creed's house The Pet Sematary Jud's house Mic Mac Burial Grounds Time- 1980s Context of Information Third Person Omniscient Initiating Event: The Creeds move to Ludlow and meet Jud Crandall who shows them the Pet Sematary. Internal Response: Ellie begins to worry about her cat, Church, dying and begins to dream about other members of the family dying. The Pet Sematary deeply upsets Rachel and provokes her to tell Louis about her dead sister, Zelda. Louis is, at first unaffected, but begins to have disturbing dreams involving the Pet Sematary and one of his dead patients, Victor Pascow, who tells him while pointing beyond the Pet Sematary, "The barrier was not made to be broken." Goals: After Church dies when being hit by a car, Louis is faced with a dilemma: tell the Ellie the truth about Church's death or bury Church beyond the Pet Sematary (the barrier and risk unleashing the horrors within. This later causes Louis to go back after Gage dies when being hit by a car to ressurect his dead son. Jud's goal is to stop Louis at all costs before it's too late. Consequence Louis steals Gage's mangled body and reburies him at the ancient Mic Mac burial ground (past the barrier). Jud tries to prevent Louis from accomplishing his goal by telling Louis about the possible dangers of the Pet Sematary that have occured in the past. Later, when Jud realizes that he can't talk Louis out of his actions, he decides to wait for Louis to return home with his dead son. Resolution: Louis manages to bring Gage back to life. Gage returns, but as a demented, evil child. After falling asleep, Jud attempts to confronts Gage who kills him with Louis' scalpel (he took it from Louis' bag). Rachel later arrives at the scene and is greeted by Gage. Rachel takes Gage into her arms, completely unaware that he is now evil and is murdered by her own son. Louis looks for Church and Gage and finds them both near the newly-dead Jud and Rachel and injects Gage and Church with poison. Gage and Church soon die. Louis (now insane with grief), burns down the Crandall's home and buries his wife, Rachel, at the Pet Sematary. Rachel returns and the story ends with Rachel coming up behind Louis and calling him "darling".
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