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Illegal Drugs

No description

Frankie Medina

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Illegal Drugs

DrugCartels/War Type's Of Drug's Trafficed To USA Marijuana Cocaine Pill's Meth
- A Very Common Urban Recreational (Not Aserted To do Be Addicted) The Plant That Produce's This Drug Is Well Known As The Hemp Plant Cannabis Sativa " Marijuana Can Be Legal But Only If Presribed By A Doctor. - Are A Small Pelet Or Tablet Of Medicine , Most Likely Coated Taken By Swallowing Whole Or Chewed Down. Most Type Of Local Store's Carry Legal Pill's . Pill's Prescribed By a Doctor Can Be Legal as Well But If Not Precribed From A Doctor & It Is A Pill That You Can't Just Get From A Local Store it Is Illegal - This Drug Is A Psychoactive Stimulate Drug - A White Crystaline Narcotic Powder Of (C21,H23,No5) Derived Morphine,Formerly Used As An Analgesic & Sedative. History Of Traffing These Drug's
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