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Y-Indian Guides

No description

Joseph Rand

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Y-Indian Guides

Y-Indian Guides

Program design/delivery method
Experiential learning model
Nature and the environment
Youth adult partnerships
Father and Son relationship development
"Pals Forever"
What is your reaction to the current existence of this program?
Program History
1926 - First Tribe in MO
1935 - Launched as national YMCA program
Joe Friday, an Ojibway
Perhaps the program's greatest strength, is also it's greatest weakness...
Nuts and Bolts
States that lead in club participation:
Florida - 35
California - 29
Texas - 28
Illinois - 25
Ohio - 23
24 States still have programs today
1992 - YMCA Issues "Responsible use of the NA Theme" recommendations.
2003 - Program name changed to Adventure Guides, removal of NA theme
1970's - Height of participation- 250,000 youth
Program design
Symbolism -
"Tom-Tom beater"
"Indian Runner"
"Totem" "Wampum
Pouch" "Medicine
Other traditional ceremonies, songs and rituals
Anna Gilbertson, Anja Johnson,
Abby Wagner, Joe Rand
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