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How has cell phones changed us socially?

Communication before and after cell phones and how technology has changed the human race

Kelly Waterhouse

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of How has cell phones changed us socially?

Negatives about teens having Cell Phones Can be contacted at anytime Positives about teens having Cell Phones Being able to be contacted at any time Cell Phones and Social Impacts The Evolution of Cell Phones only being able to dial out and answer incoming calls, now you can go online, text and call..All in one! Conclusion Kelly Waterhouse Cell Phones Social Impacts having cell phones The positives and negatives of teens in case of an emergency Improving Communication with Parents convenience getting out of practice early going to hang out with friends not needing a ride home after school reduces worry for the parents knowing where their child is saves the parents valuable time Improving Communication with Friends making friends closer hanging out is easier to schedule easier to talk outside of school doctors appointment Cell Phones use up lots of time Teens become dependent on Cell Phones Distracting to others and themselves tempted to use instead of doing homework, or paying attention in class constant texting/calling no homework being done not focused on tasks at hand lose trust within each other Many positives and negatives about Cell Phones
Technology will always be changing Schools should have rules about Cell Phone use Cell Phones have changed everyone in many different ways mainly for teens The End :)
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