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English Project Access Program

No description

Romina Avello Rocha

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of English Project Access Program

English Project Access Program
Family Life
- He started his career as broadcaster on a radio in WBST Station.
- On June 3rd, 1980 Letterman debuted on NBC Channel with the late show called "The David Letterman Show".
David Letterman
is an american humorist, a late night shows host and a TV producer.
- When his father, Harry, was 36 years old, he had a heart attack and he survived. However, he died from a second heart attack, when he was 57 years old.

- He has a son with his wife Regina, named Harry Joseph Letterman, just like David's father.
- David Letterman was born in Indianapolis, on April 12th, 1947.
- He studied in "Broad Ripple High School" and he also worked in a supermarket.
- When he finished High School, he wanted to apply Indiana University, but his marks weren't good enough, so he studied in Ball State College in Muncie.
- He graduated in 1969, from the Television and Radio Deparment. He also founded a campus there called Station-Wago-AM570.

- His parents are Harry Joseph Letterman and Dorothy Marie. His father was a florist and his mother was a secretary of a church. Dorothy was from Germany and Harry was from Ireland.
- On February 1st, 1982 he debuted the show "Late Night with David Letterman.
- Letterman left from NBC Channel in 1992.
- On August, 1993 Letterman created, produced, and conducted "Late Night with David Letterman on CBS Channel for 22 years, until May 20th, 2015
- He used to report the time and the low and high temperatures of the days to fictitious cities.
- David said that a state border had been erased when a satellite map had accidentally omitted the state border of Indiana and Ohio.

- He performed at a local kiddie show, made joked as a host of a nightly television show called "Freeze-dried Movies".
- His nickname is "The Weatherman", because reported the time on TV.
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