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Hero or Villain of North-western Canada.

Alice Zhou

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Poundmaker

Chief Poundmaker Personality gifted in speaking ablilites,
a good leader known for herding buffalo into pounds. had wit and passion in
defending his beliefs. Opinions Canada was only giving back, on a small scale, what was already theirs. His opinions Others' opinions His treason+felony were falsely
given, it was a wrong-doing He disliked white men taking control of Indian lands and giving only small reservations to live on. "A man with a large, generous heart, the nobleness of his nature was witten in his lofty, handsome face. He looked a chief, every inch of him. He was a born leader of his people. A great man has fallen and we pay him, with genuine respect, this last tribute." Riel and poundmaker planned
to overthrow the canadian
government. Villian -Crown His Actions 1876, became involved in negotiations
with Government of Canada in what was
called "Treaty Six" sought a good treaty for the indians and wanted
food to be included in cases of famine. (buffalo
had been killed off) 1882, chief poundmaker and
Big Bear agreed to a treaty with Canada Villain? Herol He defended the rights of his people
and did not allow discrimination. He saved the lives of several 'white men',
the ones they were standing against Did not go to rebellion to spite them,
only as a last resort disobeyed law and took part in rebellion "You all, as many as you are, behold me. You all call me your chief. Listen carefully to my words. Today, it is no more a question of fighting. You who have committed murders, who have plundered the innocents, it is no more time to think of saving your own lives. Look at all these women and children. Look at all these youths around you. They are all clamoring for their lives. It is a case of saving them. I know we are all brave. If we keep on fighting the whites, we can embarrass them. But we will be overcome by their numbers, and nothing tells us that our children will survive. I would sooner give myself up and run the risk of being hanged than see my tribe and children shot through my fault, and by an unreasonable resistance see streams of blood shed. Now, let everyone who has a heart do as I do and follow me." Who he was an orphaned blackfoot adopted by a Cree chief.
At the time, the 2 tribes were well known enemies
He earned a lot of respect in his adolescent years. 1886, July 4, he died 1882, chief poundmaker organized a group of
poeple including women and children to march to
voice their concerns with the Indian agent in Battleford. there was a frost that year, and many of the
indians were starving and malnutritioned. He was arrested for treason/felony, and
sentenced 3 years in proson. He got out
after 1 ear and died months after. He participated in the North-Western Rebellion . His lasting effect When he learned that Louis Riel had been defeated in 1885,
he surrendered because he wanteed justice, Pitikwahanapiwiyin
(Pi-ti-kwa-Ha-na-pi-wi-yin) Poundmaker left the "Poundmaker Cree Nation"
that is still here today that is in
Cutknife,Saskatchewan. The North-West Resistance They travelled south to Battleford because
there was a shortage of food and buffalo they spoke to reaffirm the Queen of their loyalty The villagers of Battleford and settlers nearby were afraid and took refuge in NWMP Fort Battleford Peter Ballantyne exited the fort and, acting as a spy,
checked Poundmaker's plans and found his intentions peaceful. When the army was forced to retreat, Poundmaker, who had
not taken part in the fight, prevented his warriors from pursuing
the soldiers. It is thought that this action prevented the losses
of many lives on both sides since a serious amount of counter
-measures would have had to be placed to cover the retreat
—and the Indians fought best while their enemy was retreating. Pitikwahanapiwiyin is a Hero!!!!!!!
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