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War of 1812 Tactics/Weapons

No description

Adrian Dasent

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of War of 1812 Tactics/Weapons

By Pierce Dasent, Max Shetterly, and Paige Kerns The War of 1812 Weapons The main infantry weapon of the war was the musket. The Americans were equipped with the Springfield, the British used the Brown Bess both of which could be fitted with bayonets. Higher authority also sometimes had swords. Native forces used tomahawks and guns supplied by the British. Tactics Many military tactics were used to a devastating extent in the War of 1812 they included: The American Soldier The average American was usually a volunteer with little to no experience with the musket. While a few of the men did have experience it didn't help much due to the inaccuracy of the musket. The average soldier was rationed with:
1 lb. of flour,1 lb. of fresh beef or 9 1/7 oz. of pork,1 3/7 oz. of pork or 6/7 oz. of butter, 3/7 pint of pease,and 1 1/7 oz. of rice Communication At the time of the war of 1812, communication was incredibly slow.
So slow, that sometimes it took a whole year to receive desired pieces
of information. Some of the things they used for communications were:
Letters (delivered by other means)
Ships (ship depended based on information)
Delivery men/groups
Rough message system of "mailmen"
and other crude inefficient means of messaging. In modern days this war is referred to as the,"War of Faulty Communication" Blockading
Rank Warfare
Using indigenous forces The British Soldier The British soldier was a well trained well disciplined force they were trained not only how to effectively use their muskets. They were also trained to march and fire in unwavering ranks. They were rationed with:
1 lb. of flour,1 lb. of fresh beef or 9 1/7 oz. of pork,1 3/7 oz. of pork or 6/7 oz. of butter, 3/7 pint of pease,and 1 1/7 oz. of rice Musket Ammunition The Ball The Bullet The Cartridge Messaging This has been a prezi by Pierce, Paige, and Max on the war of 1812. Take note that this war was important to America as it proved to other nations' leaders and people (literally) that the U.S. was to be taken seriously. It also let America expand into what it is now. Thanks for watching!!!

Now for watching this presentation, you can participate in a quiz game, where if you answer questions correctly, you get candy! (Now clap please, or else no candy) The Big Idea
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