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Оптимизиране на потенциалните ползи от европейските стратегически инвестиции - МРРБ

Международна конференция на БААИК - 3 юни 2016

Ivaylo Stoyanov

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Оптимизиране на потенциалните ползи от европейските стратегически инвестиции - МРРБ

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
New opportunities available for:
Institutional investors in the EU and abroad - access to viable projects in various sectors and countries, or through thematic or geographic investment platforms

Project promoters - easier access to risk financing to help finance infrastructure and innovation projects of European significance in key sectors

Small and medium-sized enterprises - better access to finance for innovative companies with up to 3,000 employees

Operational programmes
JESSICA and JEREMIE initiatives
ETC programmes in Bulgaria – 11
Norvegian, Switzerland bi-lateral programes
European Fund for Strategic Investments
Create and ensure linkage between OPRG and EFSI

Communication and integration could be sought by Fund of Funds

Transparency of the process
Difficulties and Milestones
2007-2013 Programming period
From Strategic EU level to Local regional level
Project maturity - predefined projects
Total budget - 1,543 bln €
Financial instruments - 189 mln € (Fund of funds)
Maximizing the potential benefits of European strategic investments

New business opportunities in Bulgaria and in the Balkan region

International Conference
3 June 2016, Sofia


2014-2020 Programming period
Operational programmes - focused investments and financial instruments
ETC programmes in Bulgaria - 12
Norvegian, Switzerland bi-lateral programes
EFSI - large-scale projects - TEN-T roads and railways, ICT, energy
Complementarity of resources

Added value - developed infrastructure

Stimulate Public-private partnerships projects

Attraction of funds and resources for revenue-generating projects

Increase of long-term and large-scale investments

Expected effects from EFSI investments
Investment priorities
Grants + Financial instruments
Project promoters/applicants - institutional investors and municipalities
Eligible sectors
EU Policy action + EU budget + EIB capacity
Project promoters/applicants - institutional investors
Demarcation and Similarities
Project maturity - economic and technical viability
Total budget - 315 bln €
Financial instruments - EIB/EIF
Supporting projects based on
real needs

Supporting interesting and
significant projects
in order to attract additional private investments

Investing in
key sectors
with the greatest impact on quality of life and environment

Combination of funds - synergistic effect
What we should
think about?
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