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Josh Oronce

on 24 October 2016

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Establish Good Will and Credibility
Establishing good will is essential if you are speaking to a hostile audience. You must make an effort to ensure that at your audience will at least consider your point of view
Tip: Don't forget to Reinforce the Central Idea
Summarize your speech
End with a quotation
Make a dramatic statement
Refer to the introduction

Beginning and Ending Your Speech

Get the attention and interest of your audience

Reveal the topic of your speech

Establish your credibility and good will
Getting the Attention and Interest of Your Audience
Relate the topic to the audience
Question the Audience
State the importance of your topic
Begin with a quotation
Startle your audience
Tell a story
Arouse the curiosity of the audience

Ending your speech
Ending your speech gracefully is an art. Your final impression will probably linger longer in the minds of your audience. The conclusion has two functions:

To let the audience know you are ending the speech.

To reinforce the audience's understanding or commitment to the central idea
Signal the End
One way is by using phrases like, "In conclusion", "In closing" "Let me end by saying" "My purpose has been" and many others
Reveal the Topic
In the process of gaining attention, be sure to state clearly the topic of your speech. If you do not, your listeners will be confused
It may seem obvious that you should let the audience know that you have come to the end of your speech, but some speakers end so abruptly that the audience in taken by surprise
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