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The Next Generation for Hotel Automation and Guests’ Service [Shared]

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Ali Alatas

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of The Next Generation for Hotel Automation and Guests’ Service [Shared]

The Next Generation for
Hotel Automation and Guests’ Service

Who are we
Omarr Dailak
Abdulla Al-Basha
An electrical engineering graduate from PSUT with 3 years experience in Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the fields of low current systems and building automation as a project engineer. Omarr is also PMP certified.
Telecommunications engineering graduate from PSUT and had studied abroad in Sweden as part of his education. Abdullah has 4 years part-time and 2+ years full time as business development officer/manager in the field of mobile technologies in both Amman and Dubai. Abdullah has a previous entrepreneurial experience establishing his own gaming center in Amman.
Proposed Product
Smart Automation system for hotels that is customizable and controllable by both hotel’s guests and hotel’s administrators via a smart mobile/tablet application. This will not only lower the hotel’s electricity bill, but also adds a luxurious touch by allowing guests to control their room, contact room service, and place orders by a touch on their mobile.
Low installation costs
Unlimited features
Manufacturer independent
Low operating/maintenance costs
Ease of adding any device to the current infrastructure
No cabling chaos
Media flexibility (twisted pair, RF, IP)
Using KNX-based system that is very user-friendly and integratable with many systems.
Providing a mobile app for guests to control and customize the automated features of their room.
Integrating the traditional “room service” within the mobile app. Guests will no longer need to call “reception” or “room service”.
A very user-friendly interface for hotel Admins to monitor electricity savings, modify automation options and track all units in the system.
Benefits for the Hotel
i.e. Your order is one-click away
Saves Energy
• up to 40 % with KNX shading control
• up to 50 % with KNX individual room control
• up to 60 % with KNX lighting control
• up to 60 % with KNX ventilation control (with graph if possible)
Better User Experience
Money Matters
Case Study
Proposed Business Models:
Cost of Implementation*Markup + yearly support fees
Setup fees + yearly subscription
Free + yearly subscription
Free + percentage of hotel’s electricity savings
Mix of any of the previous suggested business models
a. R&D
b. Business Development
c. Marketing
d. Sales
e. Purchasing
f. Project Management
g. Support and Maintenance
h. System Implementation and commissioning

i. Mobile app development

*The cost for hiring full time employees to work on system implementation and mobile app development is high, so it is preferable to outsource these two functions. Other activities are manageable by two employees.
Future Work
Mobile Apps
Solar Energy
Smart Grids
Smart Restaurants
Smart Amusement Parks
Competitive Edge
Air Condition
Web Interface
Room Service
Order a Towel
Order Food
Tourism Trips

Competitors Analysis
Energy-efficient, environmental-friendly
Would you like to add
coffee & cookies
to your order?
Bremen University
Sofitel Hotel Morocco
Marina Mall Dubai
Hilton Jeddah
KNX Light Saving
KNX Electricity Saving
KNX Metering
Test Environment
Hardware: $1200
Mobile App: $2000
Commercial Costs
Hardware and Implementation:
Mobile App Development:
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