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Guided Math Stations

The why, the how, and the what of station in Math

Juliane Sullivan

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Guided Math Stations

Guided Math Stations
Increase "mind-on" time
Allow students to take control of their learning
Practice, practice, practice
Allows teachers to provide differentiation to students
Small Groups
21 Days to Successful Stations
Teach the rules you want students to follow.
Teach them how to use the stations.
Let them practice.
Debrief the practice by sharing positives and negative.
Ask questions.
Practice some more!

If it isn't working, don't be afraid to change it and try something new!
Discipline Tips
"Alternate" activities solve lots of problems!

One chance rule.

Misbehavior should not mean a chance to sit and do nothing!!!

Be strong, and be consistent!
In Stations
I liked pairs the best.
I have done groups of 3 or 4.
No bigger than 4!

Change it up often!

Leveled or Mixed Groups?

Teach Conflict Resolution skills!
During Guided Math
I like leveled groups.

Seeing your higher groups less frequently/less time than you lower groups.

Focus this time on the needs of the groups! Differentiate!!!!!
Must Do - Can Do

Must Dos: Priority item in your station. Must be done first!

Can Dos: Those things kids can do if they are finished early!

Prevents the "what do I do now" or sitting and doing nothing!
#1 Question about Stations:
So my students are doing all of this work, how do I grade it???

Answer: You don't. You can't. You don't have to!

Pick 2-3 things a week to grade and leave answer keys for students to self check for other things!
10 a Week
Station Ideas
5 a Day
5 Daily Stations

Groups of 4

Teacher Station Included in Rotation

Students had all week to complete a set of tasks in each station

Must teach time management skills to students
10 Stations Each Week (2 a day)

Students work in partners

Guided Math Groups called from the stations to work with teacher

Students had to finish work in their station, but could move back to other stations to finish up other activities
Daily 5 for Math

Math with Self (Independent work)
Math with a Someone (Partner or Small Group Activities)
Writing about Math (Journaling Task)
Math Technology (Online Learning)
Math Group (Teacher Group)

Students move fluidly between stations or can move as a rotation
The why, the how, and the what of stations in Math
Station Ideas
Setup Examples
Measurement Mania
Rulers, balances, thermometers, clocks, graduated cylinders, beakers, measuring cups, etc.
Get your kids measuring!
Helps answer those approximation questions!
Later in the year added conversion practice to this.
Graph It
Weekly graphing question
Students all required to answer following week by Friday
Made bar graphs, double bar graphs, pictographs, tally charts, frequency tables, and more from class data
Sometimes I gave them probability type experiments and they graphed and charted those results
A class favorite every year!
Study Island
Texas Success Math
Online Math Games
Various Free Math Apps on iPad
There are several free fact apps
Science Connection
Quick labs that students could do independently
Created data tables and graphs from results
Helped with problem solving skills
Source: Modified AIMS Activities
Math Literature
Students read books with their partners related to upcoming or current math concepts
Teacher created questions to answer OR
Related activity similar to the text OR
Students had a menu of items to choose from on how to show what they learned from book
Anything related to the 4 operations
Lots of plain, boring computation practice
Sometimes included problem solving work
Not always a worksheet - sometimes students solved various math cards on whiteboards and then checked themselves with calculators
Place Value
Foundational part of all Math
Focused on Numeracy Skills
Place Value Puzzles
Comparing and ordering dice and card games
Number lines
Any money practice
Real World Math
Bringing the real world into the classroom
Take out menus
Top 10 data (populations, commodities, growing times, etc.
Construction Problems (fences, wall paper, etc.
Independent Study
Direct practice on current skills being taught
Spiral review practice
Textbook Work
Games we played in class or small groups (NEVER A GAME THEY HAD NOT SEEN BEFORE)
I took some games that came with question cards and created my own question cards and switched out the decks
Sometimes I gave them a specific game to play, some weeks were free choice
NEVER took a grade in this station!
My biggest life saver station!
Completed missing late/absent work
Allowed for student movement back to other stations they had missed
Students with nothing to do had math puzzles and logic problems available to work on
Reduced the amount of late work in my classroom by more than 1/2
Doubled the number of corrections that I had returned!
Operation: Math
Contact Information
Juliane Sullivan
Blanket ISD
3rd Grade Math, 4th-8th Grade Science

Email: juliane.sullivan@blanketisd.net
Home Email: csjs723@gmail.com

Kim Sutton Books
Drops in a Bucket
180 Days of Math
Mountain Math
Lone Star Math′Fast Focus
Debbie Diller
Adopted Curriclum
Teachers Pay Teachers (lots of freebies out there)
Blogs (bloglovin’ is a great new site or app with an easy search engine for blogs)
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