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Principal Selection

No description

Daniel Bartnik

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Principal Selection

Principal Selection 1. Job Posting 4. Selection Committee Teachers District OFfice Administrators Community Assistant Superintendent (Chair)
Director of Instruction
Director of Special Services PTA President
Sports Booster
Alumni Association member One Principal
One Vice Principal 5. Screening: Process and Procedures Human Resources Assistant Superintendent
Building Level Administrator Selection committee Assistant Superintendent
Superintendent School Board Assitant Superintendent
Director of Instruction Receives applications
Prescreens Reviews prequalified applicatons
Selects 8-12 for interviews Interviews applicants
Each candidate is scored using an evaluation rubric Reviews evaluation rubrics
Selects top two candidates for a final interview Interviews final two candidates
Site visit
"Learning walk" Receives recommendations from superintendent
Votes on principal hire
Daniel Bartnik
Matthew Lammons
Valerie Brown-Baul 3. Desription Document 2. Job Description 8. Evaluation Rubric Qualifications Job Duties 6. Principal's Responsibilities Two Math teachers
Two Science teachers
One English teacher
One Social Studies teacher
One Technology Eduction teacher Leadership Decision Making School Climate Curriculum Communication Achievement Community/staff interactions Staff Development Vision 7. Interview Questions Evaluate Must have a valid State of Delaware certificate for Principal. Masters degree in Educational Leadership, Administration, Secondary Education or some other related field. 3 years teaching experience. 3 years building level administrator experience. Must have experience establishing and implementing an improvement plan. Experience working in a stem school preferred. Experience working within a school under restructuring. Experience implementing contemporary educational programs. Required Documents The successful candidate will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:
Staff Development
Community Relations
Management duties Select, supervise, and evaluate staff. Demonstrate student progress through the use of benchmark testing. Build and promote a positive relationship with members of the community. Develop a strategic plan to improve students state standardized test scores. Incorporate district mandated academic programs. Establish a system of accountability for academic and social success. Delegate tasks and duties to subordinates when appropriate Successfully monitor and allocate the school budget. Develop and maintain a standard for the use of rigorous curriculum and instruction. Implement and monitor school improvement plan. The principal will be responsible for all other necessary requirements needed for the successful operation of a high school. Establish a culture of safety and respect within the school A completed District Application Resume Letter of Interest Three professional letters of reference Copy of Principal certificate MED 7707 Group Presentation 1 Any Questions?
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