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International Youth Forum


on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of INTERSELIGER 2013

YOUNG LEADERS from 93 countries INTERSELIGER Social conflicts and political upheavals, environmental catastrophes and natural disasters, human rights violations and terrorism all show that our era of globalization is far from being one solely of prosperity or wealth.
Young people are most at risk, but also the most active in their communities. INTERSELIGER can help unite active young people from all over the world, regardless of their social status, ethnic background, political views and religion. International Youth Forum INTERSELIGER Who we need We offer Educational Program Politics
Relations Economic
Development Innovations
neurship Creative Media
Public Relations MAIN GOAL To achieve this goal the organizers have set a number of objectives, including:

- empower global youth, by giving them a greater say in the globalizing world;
- encourage young people to find solutions to global challenges: poverty, social conflict, environmental degradation;
- foster cooperation among young people in social, political and economic life;
- give participants real opportunities to put their leadership skills into practice;
- help and support young people in team building and fundraising;
- examine the main trends and tendencies in global business, science, culture, mass media, NGO communities;
- offer young people the chance to meet and interact with highly qualified specialists ready to support them in turning their project ideas into reality;
- help them embrace diversity in delivering practical projects.

We believe in fostering an active social position among young people worldwide. Putting these objectives into practice will help strengthen social consciousness among young people internationally and also attain the Forum’s main goal. The main goal of the Forum is to build an international community of young people based on the principles of peaceful coexistence, the promotion of personal and democratic liberties and recognition of cultural diversity. 1,000 young leaders from different backgrounds, students/graduates from universities worldwide, and young professionals who are highly motivated to effect global change
(NOTE: age restrictions apply: 18 – 30 years).

Experience in social program implementation or politics is required (e.g. managing or founding not-for-profit organizations, being involved in social projects, or student union/local authority experience).

We welcome young talented and creative individuals full of new ideas who are ready to work collaboratively for collective, international, benefit. INTERSELIGER is an international and intercultural platform that features:
- Unique educational program
- Customized schedule: build your own study plan
- Present your own project
- Assistance and advice from experts to help turn your idea into reality
- Opportunity to promote your project and attract investors
- Find like-minded leaders among the international participants
- Comprehensive support to launch your project in Russia
- Network with leading figures in Russian business, politics and society
- Discover Russia’s cultural heritage
- Learn Russian, apply for a scholarship to study in Russia
- Understand more about different cultures The Forum’s educational program will examine developing global trends, help future leaders identify possible ways of influencing these processes and strengthen their position.

We place a particular emphasis on building skills and knowledge that participants are likely to need as they develop their leadership potential.

INTERSELIGER features cutting-edge training and insights delivered across a range of courses within four blocks.

Using our experience as a platform for the international youth community, INTERSELIGER 2013 offers you intellectual resources you can build on in on your projects - now and in the future. INTERSELIGER
ACTIVITIES Each year we organize special activities for our participants.
Thus, INTERSELIGER Forum is not only the educational platform, but also the place to do sports, to change cultural experiences, to stay in harmony with nature. INTERSELIGER EVENTS Model
UN Model
WTO World
Days Russian-German
Youth Parliament
Meeting Panel
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Conference “Russian
Mosaic” Olympic
Games Football
Cup AMBASSADORS CLUB INTERSELIGER COUNCIL ALUMNI INTERSELIGER COMMUNITY The Ambassadors Honorarium (AH) are a team of outstanding individuals who not only take on responsibilities but also gain well-deserved advantages at INTERSELIGER. INTERSELIGER Ambassadors are a group of people committed to the INTERSELIGER movement: active young leaders who are excited about spreading the INTERSELIGER idea around the world.
The INTERSELIGER Council deals with general aspects of promoting the Forum, such as:

- Fundraising
- Media coverage
- Identifying experts and speakers
- Identifying partners and investors
- Internet and social media promotion The INTERSELIGER Council is an appointed group of people working closely with the Organizing Committee to ensure the Seliger movement grows sustainably. The Council was founded in 2011 by the OC, with the help of the most committed and engaged young leaders who have proved themselves in previous forums. An active network of INTERSELIGERians from different years – who are all committed to the movement and keen to stay involved in our activities. WELCOME TO INTERSELIGER! WELCOME TO www.youtube.com/interseliger
www.facebook.com/groups/seliger2012/ RUSSIA! www.interseliger.com LEAD
DAY “Best Student
Government” Thank for your attention! #interseliger2013 YOU Panel
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