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EMz Aclan

on 24 September 2013

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December 29, 1896
At 12:00 noon -3:30 pm
Rizal was left alone in his cell. During this time he finished his farewell poem which he hid inside his alcohol cooking stove. At the same time, he wrote his letter to Professor Blumentritt.

At 3:30 pm
Father Balaguer returned and discussed with Rizal about his retraction of the anti-Catholic ideas in his writings and membership in Masonry.

At 4:00 pm
Teodora Alonzo visited him. They had a very emotional encounter. Trinidad fetch her mother. Rizal gave to her his farewell poem which is inside the alcohol cooking stove. After then, Father Vilaclara and Estanislao March entered the cell, followed by Father Rosell.
December 29, 1896
At 6:00 pm
Don Silvino Lopez Tunon, the Dean of the Manila Cathedral visited him.

At 8:00 pm
Rizal had his last supper. He informed Captain Dominguez that he forgave his enemies, including the military judges who condemned him to death.

At 9:30 pm
Rizal was visited by Don Gaspar Cestano, the fiscal of the Royal Audiencia of Manila. He had good impression of Rizal's intelligence and noble character after their pleasant conversation.
December 30, 1896
At 5:30 am
Josephine Bracken, accompanied by Josefa, arrived with tears in her eyes and bade him farewell. Rizal gave her his last gift which is a religious book entitled "Imitation of Christ" by Father Thomas a Kempis.
December 30, 1896
At 6:00 am
Rizal wrote hist last letter to his beloved parents while the soldiers were getting ready for the

death march to Bagumbayan
December 29, 1896
At 6:00 am
Captain Rafael Rodriguez read Rizal's death sentence that he would be shot at the back by a firing squad at 7:00 am in Bagumbayan now Luneta.

At 7:00 am
He spent his last moments in the prison chapel. He was visited by Father Miguel Saderra Mata and Father Luis Viza.

At 7:15 am
Rizal reminded Fr. Viza of the statuette of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which he had carved with his pen knife as an Ateneo student,
December 29, 1896
At 8:00 am
Rizal had a breakfast with Father Antonio Rosell. After breakfast, Lt. Luis Taviel de Andrade, his defense counsel, came and Rizal thanked him for his gallant services.

At 9:00 am
Father Federico Faura arrived. Rizal reminded him about his prophecy that he would someday lose his head for writing the Noli.

At 10:00 am
He was visited by Father Jose Vilaclara and Father Vicente Balaguer. After them came the Spanish journalist, Santiago Mataix, and interviewed him for the newspaper "El Heraldo de Madrid"
December 29, 1896
At 10:00 pm
The draft of the retraction letter sent by the anti-Filipino Archbishop Bernardino Nozaleda was submitted by Father Balaguer to Rizal for signature, but the hero rejected it because it was too long and he did not like it. This became a controversial document. This also applies to the other controversy as to whether Rizal married Josephine Bracken before his execution or not.
December 30, 1896
At 3:00 am
Rizal heard Mass, confessed his sins and took Holy Communion.

At 5:30 am
He took his last breakfast. After this, He wrote two letters; for his family and his older brother Paciano.
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