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The Lord of The Flies VS. Lost

No description

matt daddy

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of The Lord of The Flies VS. Lost

The Lord of Flies VS. Lost The Lord of The Flies Lost Ralph Jack Leadership
Ralph shows leadership right
from the start as he takes the
conch and sets a meeting (pg. 12-13) Jack shows leadership right
from when the plane crashes.
He gives people orders and saves
lives. Brave Ralph is brave because he went
to castle rock to find the beast. Jack Went into the forest
to explore the rest of the plane. Jack Sawyer Blood Thirsty Sawyer is blood thirsty. As you
can see in this video sawyer shoots
the bear. Jack is blood thirsty because
he is determind to hunt and
nothing else. Jack is the leader
of the hunt. Leadership Jack is the leader of the hunt.
Him and the choir boys are
to hunt for bohrs and supply
meat for the rest of the kids. John Locke is the hunter in
the group. In the first four episodes
John walks out of the forest
carrying a bohr by himself. Jack takes the leadership
role right from the start.
When people were in trouble
Jack stood out from the rest
and helped everyone. Hunter Jack is a hunter. He is the
leader of the hunt tribe. He
killed a wild bohr and stuck
his head on a spear. Cruel Jack is cruel because he captured
sam and eric and tourtured them
tell they told Jack where Ralph was. Sawyer is cruel because he and
sayid got in a fight. Fighter Ralph was a fighter because
him and Jack got in a fight
at the end of the book. Sawyer is a fighter because
him and Sayid got in a fight. Determind Ralph is determind to get off the
island. Ralph is determind because
he was always pushing the boys
to keep the signal fire going. Jack is determind because he
also wants to get off the island
and he is willing to do anything
to do so. By: Matt Rutledge
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