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Alabama Moon

No description

malia mauch

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Alabama Moon

Moon also goes to Forest , boys home ,Hal's dad's house , court ,jail, and pennson
, etting
Authors purpose/ Moral/point of view
The Authors purpose was to Entertain. The point of view was 1st person. The moral was do the right things and be brave. Some of the plot points 1-15.
All the plot points
9 Moon wins the court fight . 10 The court found moons Uncle .11 moons uncles name is mike.12 When moon goes to live with his uncle he found out he has a new sister and a new bother.13 He is happy with his new family.
Problem/main characters
Moon thinks he is all alone in his life and in the world. The main character were Moon, Hit, Hall, Mr.Carter, Sanders, Mr.Wellington, Mr.Aldroscoto, and Halls dad.
By malia .c. mauch
Alabama Moon
Its takes place in Alabama in 1999.
bmalia is cool beca
Moon is a brave and string boy that is nice to people that are nice to him
book report
1 Moon lives in the forest with his dad. 2 His dad dies and has to live by his self in the forest. 3 Then someone turned him in to the Boys home and had to stay there.4 Moon meet a friend named Hit. 5 A Kid All was fought Moon. 6 Then Moon and Hal and Hit became bff's .7 Then Moon and all the kids broke out of the boys home. 8 with moon goes to court with sanders.
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