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Event Tourism - Dubai

No description

Kris Silva

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Event Tourism - Dubai

Demand Side & Supply Side Approach to Event Tourism in Dubai
Dubai shows equal importance to both the DEMAND and SUPPLY SIDE
Leisure and business markets are growing and tourism is increasing
Charter flights for the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Market
A Major Eurasian market group

Balance Between Supply & Demand in Dubai
Portfolio Approach to Event Tourism Planning & Development
Creating Your Own Event
Event Tourism - Dubai
Group # 15
Christine Silva
Rachel Emerson
Paige Giesler
Brandon Buchalter

The DEMAND SIDE is based on consumers needs and wants
The SUPPLY SIDE includes:
Developing facilities
Marketing existing events

Focus less on the SUPPLY SIDE and more on the DEMAND
More competitive
Opens up areas of development and marketing
TOP DOWN APPROACH has more cons than pros
Unresponsive to changes in the marketplace
Unsuccessful with competitive potential
Believes tourism can be controlled and predicted
Ineffective in stimulating innovation
Dubai has used the TOP DOWN APPROACH and has found success
Top Down Approach & Bottom Up Approach in Event Tourism
5 Billion dollars a year
Hotels, food and shopping malls
Shopping festival
Vacation last between 7 to 14 nights on average

BOTTOM UP APPROACH would be a more effective approach in Dubai
Rapid, constant creation in development
Realizes tourism is not predictable
New target segments created
Top Down Approach & Bottom Up Approach in Event Tourism
Aggressive portfolio
Conservative or defensive portfolio
Balanced portfolio
Long-term versus short-term gain
• Many DMO’s throughout the globe have been making the decision to create their own events.
• The new trend of creating your own events for your destination is the easiest way to make sure you can meet your goals.
• Creating a legacy.

• Dubai has been chosen to host the 2020 World Expo.
• Lead to an increased capacity to host their own new events in the future.
• Infrastructure improvements.
• Create leisure visits to the destination and other participation in the event, leading directly to repeat visits in the future.
• Increased media coverage

• To be able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
• How can anyone possibly expect a destination to be sustainable when it requires so much money to maintain?
• You can justify creating new infrastructure by utilizing new structures more than once.
• Event tourism sustainability is possible with the proper planning and execution.

Thank you!
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