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Tues. 28 Apr. 2015

No description

Mark Gardner

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Tues. 28 Apr. 2015

Act IV

Act V
"Falling Action"
"Unraveling of the Plan"
"Revelation and Catharsis"
Have out the BIG PAPER to jot notes if needed.
identify plot events that correspond with key stages and moments of the arc of tragedy.
Something is due Thursday...
Test next Monday and Tuesday
You will need headphones or earbuds for the Tuesday portion of the test
Something's Missing.
Desdemona's Handkerchief
Key scenes from the play in our film version
finds a strange little handkerchief in his room... it is white with red strawberries embroidered on it. He finds the pattern intriguing, so the next time he visits his favorite hooker, (ahem, "courtesan")
he asks her to take it and copy the embroidery pattern for him.
This handkerchief is a
key symbol
in the play... and it has particular symbolism for Othello himself. (His mom made it... he gave it to his wife as a cherished gift).
Iago knows that Cassio "enjoys Bianca's company." He plans to get Cassio talking about his escapades with Bianca.

Iago will tell Othello that they are talking about Desdemona, not a "courtesan." Othello will overhear and see Cassio's behavior and...well, you'll see.
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