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Jacques Cousteau

No description

Mackenzie Granger

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau Things he found or made that has impacted on the world: A sunken Romen Cargo Ship:
It was 230BC old, and was one of the odlest ship ever found Conshelf 1:
You could live in it for 1 week
2 divers could fit in it
It was 10 meters below surface
There were a radio and TV Conshelf 11:
You could live in it for one month
5 divers could live in it
It was 26 meters below surface
With a radio and TV Conshelf 111:
You could live in it for 1 month
Lots of divers can live in it
It was 100 meter below surface Sea fleas:
Small submersildes that were desinged for underwater North America
Haiti South America
Amazon Europe
Grand Conglous Sea, Oceans
Aegean Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Red Seas
Indian Places he explored: Thing that has impacted on the world: The equitments Jacques Cousteau used: Waterproof Camera
Lighting for Underwater Filming
Waterproof camrea called " Calypso - Photo"
"Aqua lung"
Lighting for underwater filming For Underwater filming: Waterproof Camera Filters Regulators Fins The Qualifications Before he became a underwater explore:
In the late 1940's he became a GERS(Group d'Études et de Recherches Sous-Marines = Underwater Studies and Research Group)
He became a COMISMEK(COMmandement des interventions Sous La Mer = Undersea Interventions Command)
After that,
He became a CEPHISMER Navigation Jacques Cousteau didn't operate the ship
Before this crew grew large, he was the captian of the ship, but as his crew grew bigger and bigger, he was no longer the captian of the ship.
The 1st Captain was Francois Saout
2nd Captain was Albert Falco
Tools: Sonar Radar Automatic steering Radios Telephones Fax machine Extra: Before he became a underwater explorer he was trained to be a pilot but then in a car crash he broke his arm and broke his ribs a few days before his test, so he couldn't become a pilot.

Jacques wrote books, made films, and televison series to tell people what the underwater is like, and about how creatures live. Timeline: June 11, 1910. Jacques Cousteau is Born.
1924 He broke his arm.
1950 Found a ship to travel around the world. Named Calypso.
1953 The Silent world book was puilshed
1956 The silent world Movie was puilshed
1979 The sea got very pulloted then Jacques save the sea.
June 25 1997. He died.
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