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Pierre Delmont

Biography of Pierre Delmont

Chayan Debnath

on 11 March 2012

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Transcript of Pierre Delmont

Pierre Delmont Born- 19 March 1990
Thionville, France
Pierre doesn't have any parents but treats
his aunt and uncle like they are. Pierre is an absolute fan of soccer. His favourite team is obviously the French team so 1998 was a great year for him. That was the year France had won the soccer world cup.
His star player was, and still is, Zinedine Zidane Pierre is a Catholic and celebrates both Easter and Christmas.
As a French tradition to Easter, Pierre in his childhood celebrated Poison d'Avril. It is a lot like April Fools as it is also on the 1st of April. The great joke is for children to make fish out of paper and pin as many as possible to the backs of adults, then run gleefully away yelling “Poison d'Avril!!” Unlike most of his friends, he doesn't consider
horses to be a source of meat. He'd rather ride them than eat them. Childhood Pierre also has a liking for the art of miming.
He thinks it is pretty extrodinary, how people can convey a whole story without saying a single word. His most favourite mimer is the visual comedian, Charlie Chaplin. Pierre was just like any other child, confused. He didn't know what to do when he grew up, which of his stars to follow, Charlie Chaplin or Zinedine Zidane. Some times he wished that he had never had to grow up. or Adulthood But growing up was inevitable During his time at
Lycée Privé Saint-Pierre Chanel, Pierre
was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. When he turned 18,
Pierre was allowed to
be an apprentice of the French soccer
team, so his career choice was made clear. At the age of six, Pierre had started to attend Ecoles Elémentaires, an elementry school near Thionville. One of Pierres most memorable night, was his eighth Christmas Eve dinner, called le Réveillon. That was the night he finally had the chance to meet other people in the family, who he thought didn't exist. Pierre went to Lycée Privé Saint-Pierre Chanel, his high-school. He excelled in most things, but it was easy to tell that he was doing exceptionally well in sporting activities than academic ones. Nevertheless, he had the full support of his uncle and aunt. Some of his dislikes include
-almonds Some of his likes
-snails (as food) Pierre now travels with the French soccer team. He takes the usual five-week holiday to come and visit his family in Thionville.
As Zinedine Zidane as his mentor, he now hopes that, he'll be able to play in 2014 world cup.
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