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French Culture and Chinese Culture: Une Comparaison

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Scott Garland

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of French Culture and Chinese Culture: Une Comparaison

The Culture of France vs. The Culture of China The criteria The two countries, France and China are certainly very diverse with their cultures. Some people may argue that these are two of the most culturally iconic countries in the world. These cultures are going to be compared in several different areas, these areas are... - Food
- Drinks
- Sleeping habits We will begin with France and their eating habits, like their table etiquette and delicacies. To begin: Eating Some commonly eaten foods in France include: Duck or "Canard" Cheeses, such as brie The famous "escargot" We can see that these french foods are mostly based off of animal products, however grains, such as bread and pastries are a large part of the french diet as well. On top of the food, proper etiquette is very important to many french people. Some examples of proper etiquette is that you should have a napkin on your lap, and that your hands should always be on the table. General table manners of North America also apply in France, such as chewing with your mouth closed, and keeping your elbows off of the table. French meals also have several pieces of cutlery, like a butter knife, a salad fork or appetizer fork, a main meal fork and knife and a spoon for soup and a desert fork. Now for some common chinese foods: Rice dishes Noodle dishes Chicken Much of China's food is based around rice and noodles. These two foods are probably the most common types of food and are often served as a part of every meal. Meats are not a huge part of the chinese diet however many chines dishes contain either pork, fish or chicken. Another food that can be found in almost any chinese dish are vegetables. For table etiquette, in China you do not have many pieces of cutlery, instead you use chop sticks. Also, in china everyone shares food, and it is considered rude not to accept food that you are being offered. It is also polite to offer other members at the table food. We can now see the difference between french eating traditions and chinese eating traditions. It is now time for the drinking traditions of each country. For France, the most common form of beverage with meals would be wine. France is also very well known for it's wines. Alcohol is a large part of french tradition and culture and french wine is some of the most highly respected alcoholic drinks in the world. This video talks about wine and its significance to France. In China, the drink that could be compared to France's wine would be tea. Tea is a large part of the history and tradition of China. it date backs many hundreds of years and is still large today. It is drank for most occasion, whether formal or informal. This video shows a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Finally, we have the sleeping habits to compare for each country. Starting with France, it is much like other European countries and North American countries. It is always necessary to get up at a certain time to either get to school or work. Most people wake up between 6 and 8 on a weekday and go to bed from anywhere between 10 to 1 in the morning. In these cultures a lot of people also enjoy sleeping in when they can, in fact it is a common thing to sleep in if you get the chance. however, once we compare this to the chinese sleeping habits, we see some major differences. In chinese culture, sleeping in is often considered lazy, and makes you an unproductive person/. most people in china will get up around 6 or earlier, even on days where they do not need to. Many people in china also go to bed earlier, although it is hard to generalize bedtimes because everyone has different internal clocks affecting their sleep. Thank you for your time and hopefully this has provided some insights on the cultural differences and similarities between France and China. This is the end, or, as the french say la...
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