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Wake Up

Planting seeds for new communities

Brandon R

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Wake Up

Wake Up
The core message for the next generation
Ways to support
Established by Thầy in 1964 alongside university professors and students in Vietnam

Rallying ~10,000 volunteers, the SYSS rebuilt bombed villages, set up schools and medical centers, resettled homeless families, and organized agricultural cooperatives
Watering Seeds: Wake Up Tours
In the spirit of Engaged Buddhism, young monastics and lay friends went on 'tour' to universities across the world to host multi-day retreats, Days of Mindfulness, flash-mob meditations, and public talks

There have been tours in America, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Bhutan and India
Strengthening the Core
Wake Up Worldwide
Plum Village Practices
What is a Wake Up Sangha?
Planting trees
Wake Up & Hug
"Wake Up really helped me take a deep breath and re-evaluate many things in my life. I am now more than ever committed to go through my life doing meaningful things...dedicating more time to helping others and making meaningful contributions to the world.”
-2011 Wake Up East Coast Tour Participant
"When we sat in circles and shared, knowing that no one was there to judge and we were all listening closely to each other, I felt immensely happy and connected."
- 2012 US West Coast Wake Up Tour Participant
"The most inspiring thing for me was the palapable energy of compassion"
-2012 India & Bhutan Wake Up Tour Participant
My special moment of the day was sharing experiences with fellow workshop attendees, it was amazing to practice mindfulness meditation in such a glorious surrounding with like-minded people. The whole day was brilliant.
-2012 UK/Ireland Wake Up Tour Particiapnt
Young Buddhists and non-Buddhists for a Healthy & Compassionate Society
Wake Up:
Is an active global community of young mindfulness practitioners, aged 18-35, inspired by the teachings of Zen Master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh
Follows the Five Mindfulness Trainings, which are ethical guidelines that offer concrete practices of true love and compassion
Gathers weekly or monthly in groups around the world, creating places of refuge, nourishment and support for anyone with an aspiration to transform their own suffering and contribute to building a healthier and a more compassionate society
North America
Join or start a group
Interact online
Five Mindfulness Trainings
Singing songs and creating media
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