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The Fruit At The Bottom Of The Bowl

No description

Rachel Garrod

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Fruit At The Bottom Of The Bowl

Further Analyzation
It is important to keep your focus and not get caught up in your worries.

Comparison-Tell Tale Heart
-Instantly feel guilty after and have to try to cover up what they've done.
-In Tell Tale Heart, the main character puts the dead body under the floorboards in order to cover it up.
-In The Fruit at The Bottom Of The Bowl, Acton feels guilty and covers up his fingerprints around the house by polishing it.
After Acton killed Huxley, he starts to worry about everything he touched and every fingerprint that he may have left around the house. Also, he was talking to himself and hallucinating images and voices of Huxleys.

"The fingerprints were everywhere, everywhere!"
(pg 33)

Besides the fingerprints, what would be your main focus?

Do you think Actons obsessive behavior may have contributed to his divorce?

Do you think Huxley invited Acton to touch things in his house on purpose?

Movie clip (7:30-8)
The Fruit At The Bottom Of The Bowl: By Ray Bradbury
The audience this would appeal to is the young adult age group. The group tends to be more attracted to this kind of genre of criminal short story. Every case (either in the world or in a story) creates many questions to think about.
-Dark and nervousness.
-Foreshadowing that he would get caught.
-He tried so hard to not get caught (covering the fingerprints) that he got caught doing exactly that.
The theme of this story is that if you self-doubt yourself, you've already lost.
He doubted himself because he was not sure what he polished and what he hadn't. Huxley had invited him to touch so many items in the house. Even after his arrest, he still felt the need to polish the last thing on his way out; the door handle.

"On the way out of the house Acton polished the front door knob with his handkerchief and slammed it in triumph!"
(pg 42)
-Story starts at midnight
-William Acton is worrying if his ex wife had left him for is friend, Donald Huxley.
-Acton had a visit at Huxleys house and killed him later on.
-He was worried that the police would catch him by finding fingerprints.
-He frantically starts to polish everything in the house.
-He starts to go mad. He questions if Huxley purposely got him to touch all of the things around his house.
-By sticking around the house for so long, he gets caught polishing things in the attic
After Huxley was murdered, Acton discovered that he had died smiling. This symbolizes that Huxley intentionally invited Action to touch everything around his house that day and made him go mad.
Title Meaning
After Acton had polished everything in the house, he was polishing the fruit and came to terms that he was ridiculous to think that he needed to polish the fruit at the bottom of the bowl.
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