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Copy of Union Middle School 5th Grade Orientaion

No description

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Union Middle School 5th Grade Orientaion

Union Middle School 5th Grade Orientation
Principal ---- Kelly Tauteoli
Vice Principal A-K---- Shelly Karren
Vice Principal L-M ---- Taylor Hansen
Counselor A-K ---- Genny Poll
Counselor L-Z ---- Lynn Nelson
School Psychologist ---- Brian Martin

Union Middle Schedule Overview
Students will have 6 classes each day
Classes will be 60 min long
You will have 4 full year required classes
4 elective classes of your choice.

Schedule Snap Shot
A team consists of 4 core teachers
ELA (English Language Arts)
Social Studies
Why Teaming
Teachers will collaborate together to provide
Cross curricular activities
Collaborate schedules for testing
Collaborate to provide support or extra rigor
Elective Classes
Elective classes are ones you get to pick because they sound fun, interesting, or exciting
You will get to take 4 elective class in the 6th grade
If you are required to take a reading lab you will be notified and it will replace one elective with the needed lab.
Elective classes meet every other day for the entire year.

Course Selection Process
New to Middle School Items
Student Fees

Activity Fee ($65)
Tech Fee ($10)
Class Fees (elective classes)
Optional Fee (yearbook)
Instument Rentals
Online Registration
Opens in August: All are required to login into skyward fill out the forms and pay fees before your student schedule will be released

App to track grades and attendance
You will get a card in the summer with your login information
Set Skyward to send weekly emails about grades
Email teachers
Busing Information

On the district web site you can check your eligibility with your address.
6th grade must live more than 1.5 miles away
If you're on Permit
bus pass will be given
Can fill out a bus request and the District will evaluate it and make a decision.
Good to know Info
Attendance is important
Please call and excuse your student when absent
After school math lab
3 days a week from 3 to 4 pm
Parent Teacher Conference
No set appointment just come to the gym and meet with your students teachers
Fee Waiver
Students on free and reduced lunch can apply for a fee waiver in the main office starting Aug. 2018
Proof of income (taxes or 2 pay stubs)
If you qualify for a fee waiver your class fees and instrument rentals are included.
Online class interface for students
Take test or quiz
Print missing worksheets
Teachers upload study guides or video tutorials
Things to Remember
6th Grade Day: Aug. 21st

Half day for 6th graders
Buses do run
Lockers, lunch, reading schedule, tour school
Union is open from 8 to 2 everyday starting in August.
Come walk your schedule
Test your locker
Registration Cards
Due to 5th grade teacher Feb 15th
You will get your card from 5th grade teacher
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